Authentic, limited, high quality - this is exactly what 2nd Life concepts offer for purchase and sale. Find out where and how it works here.

Fast fashion vs. slow fashion marks a shift in the fashion industry

Sustainability is causing a change in the fashion industry - It's a fight called fast fashion vs. slow fashion and here are all trends at a glance

News: Nike launches “Refurbished” 2nd life footwear programme

With its circular programme called Refurbished, the sportswear brand is giving shoes a second life

News: GREENSTYLE Fashion Summit in digital format

The promising topic of sustainable fashion will be brought to the digital stage under the motto “Act now - now more than ever”

News: Hermès launches Victoria travel bag made of mushroom-based “leather”

The high-fashion house Hermès, known for its exclusive leather goods, is breaking with tradition and, in cooperation with MycoWorks, is launching a bag made from lab-grown mycelium

Sustainable organic cashmere wool: Noble natural fiber, ethical and valuable

Hardly any other natural material is as soft and fine as the coveted cashmere. But there is sustainable cashmere and what does organic cashmere wool mean?

Synthetic diamonds: Innovative gemstones from the laboratory

For centuries, diamonds have been the source of controversial mining. But that could end now - are synthetic diamonds from the laboratory the future?

Auction platforms: Antique objects are the luxury of tomorrow

The desire for sustainability and exclusivity leads to the boom in the auction platforms for antiques. We show where you bid best

Sustainable furniture - Eco-design for your home

How environmentally friendly is your own home? Sustainable furniture and other important choices - We show you what eco-design is all about 

First class: 2nd Life

2nd Life stands for the authentic, vintage, exciting stories of origin and timeless and high quality. Basically the concept stands for the reuse or further use of exclusive goods whose potential is recognized. You can find out here which industries benefit in particular from 2nd Life and which platforms you should not miss.

2nd life through sharing is fun

In the jewelry industry, 2nd life can mean two things. Either pieces of jewelry are made of recycled precious metals in order to save resources or luxury jewelry is sold through portals for pre-owned items. The watch industry has positioned itself as a pioneer and is now being pursued holistically. Platforms specialize in buying and selling used premium goods, giving them a 2nd life. Great side effect: Often they are timeless classics with an interesting background story or limited editions that are otherwise not available.

With 2nd Life, designer dreams come true

When it comes to designer fashion, 2nd Life opens up new possibilities for fashion victims: Birkin bags, Chanel boy bags or hyped Balenciaga streetwear can be bought curated. And those who could actually do without a piece, but can only part with a heavy heart, will definitely find a nice new home here to give the pre-loved designer pieces a 2nd life. Find out how and where to do this here.