When food becomes art and a chef becomes an artist, innovation and tradition culinarily come together. We show you the most creative celebrity chefs of our time and how they reinvent food culture in the 21st century.

Top Food Trends 2023 under the sign of conscious enjoyment

Food Trends 2023: A change in the food industry towards more sustainability and locality, regenerative foods and classic dishes interpreted vegan 

Hype about green enjoyment: know-how and hotspots for vegourments

Everything to do with the great moment of vegetables and the green revolution of the haute cousine - that's behind the made-up word "vegourment"

Food trends 2022 are all about “The New Normal”

Food Trends 2022: A change in consumer behavior towards more sustainability and locality, the e-food movement and everything about post-Covid gastronomy

Sustainable caviar: from the expression of opulence to responsible luxury?

Sustainable caviar, does that even exist? We clarify and demystify the prestige product, because today the roe is sourced from aquaculture

House bar deluxe: elegance and get-togethers despite the pandemic

A house bar is a unique opportunity to give your home an elegant night-out character and to spend unforgettable evenings. Now, this feeling is more important than ever.

These 6 sustainable food trends make 2021 a pleasure

Whether hyper regional, virtual dining or zero food waste, these food trends 2021 are not just about taste, they are also sustainable

Summer cocktail recipes for that holiday feeling in your home garden

Summer is coming: We present refreshing summer cocktail recipes for successful get-togethers on mild summer evenings

The top 6 regional gourmet restaurants in Germany

From the North Sea to Bavaria - sustainable gourmet restaurants with organic quality are firmly anchored in the German gastronomy scene. We'll tell you where the star creations from the fields in the region taste particularly good

The best eco-restaurants in South Africa

Eating regionally and healthy on vacation in South Africa. We show the best eco-friendly organic restaurants outside the mainstream in Cape Town City

Max La Manna - Tricks by the Zero Waste Chef

The zero waste chef creates delicious dishes with selected, high-quality ingredients. This trend is booming all worldwide. Especially, in New York

Max la Manna's Crunchy Sweet Potato Tacos

Max la Manna creates a delicious vegan & healthy recipe from sweet potatoes, with which you can inspire your party guests and loved ones

Celebrity chefs who guarantee culinary highlights

From star cuisine to regional delicacies to experimental revolvers: We show star chefs who guarantee you culinary highlights under the uncompromising conditions of sustainable, regional and seasonal added value.

Unique talents and their creations from the gourmet scene

Celebrity chefs of our time combine technical know-how and traditional culinary art with innovation. Be it the creative use of healthy ingredients, the implementation of current food trends or alternative, sustainable value creation - the relevant star chefs of the food scene cook new, exciting and uniquely enjoyable. Find out where to find them here.

Taste, enjoyment & sustainability

In addition, exclusive interviews by the cooking experts to offer you inspiration for extraordinary worlds of taste in your own four walls. Characterized by the megatrend health, you can find out here how it can be combined with taste and enjoyment. And without giving up. Rather, through varied recipe ideas as well as seasonal and regional creations by the star chefs.