Top Food Trends 2023 under the sign of conscious enjoyment

Food Trends 2023: A change in the food industry towards more sustainability and locality, regenerative foods and classic dishes interpreted vegan 

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Author: Hanni Rützler

Enjoyment is conscious - We cannot ignore these trends

Humans and nature can no longer bear our consumption and the resulting waste. So that consumers are more careful about origin, quality and production. The Zukunftsinstitut publishes its 10th Food Report with exciting new topics revolving around sustainability.

“Despite all the unpredictable coincidences, the future is not just coming our way. It arises in our thoughts and actions, which in turn are based on our values ​​and actions," says the author Hanni Rützler, and in the Food Report 2023 she analyzes the system-relevant food industry with the usual finesse and expertise. Consequently, she deals with the change in the food industry towards more sustainability and locality - illustrated by best practice examples, facts and figures.

Food trends under the sign of the New Normal

Social change is also changing the food trade, because consumers are more careful when choosing their food. Accordingly, the range must be more sustainable and fairer in the future. But not only that, meat consumption is also declining significantly. After all, plant-based food has become one of the most important food trends of our time. In addition, there are now other alternatives such as alt-protein and cell-cultured food. Another interesting trend is the merging and mixing of global kitchen styles. Where different ingredients and cooking styles are haphazardly combined. The new popular recipes spread rapidly in social media networks.

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Food trends 2023 at a glance

1. New Glocal - The reorganization of the global food trade

Multiple crises and their effects call for a re-regionalization and reorientation of the globalized food system. Therefore, regional agricultural structures, shorter and transparent supply chains and a new focus on domestic markets are important steps towards more resilience and sustainability in the food supply worldwide.

2. Veganizing Recipes - Classic dishes in a new guise

Traditional dishes interpreted vegan will be part of our food culture in the future. In addition to new high-tech imitations of meat and fish, there are also meatless adaptations of our favorite dishes that do not require complicated lists of ingredients.

3. Regenerative Food - Sustainable food beyond organic

Regenerative Food focuses on soil regeneration and biodiversity. Consequently, this is the next step for agriculture to make the planet healthier again. Not only top restaurateurs appreciate this type of food production, but also large food companies are already keeping an eye on the movement.

Food Trends 2023 - Topics & Industry Insight

Retail Visions: Awareness of sustainability is changing the food trade

When choosing their groceries, consumers hold high criteria for sustainable and social justice - however, everyday shopping practice often looks very different. Price and convenience as well as what is on offer in the supermarket dictate the choice of food. Accordingly, in future the product range must make more decisive reference to the wishes and values ​​of a growing number of people who want to shop more sustainably and fairly.

Meat: The diverse future of meat consumption

Meat is losing its role as the key product of our food culture - at least in the visions of innovative food technologists and investors, as well as in the vegan discourse on "right" nutrition. Plant-based food has thus developed into one of the most important food trends of our time. Finally, in addition to plant-based products, other alternatives such as alt-protein and cell-cultured food are now being announced, which are becoming more and more similar to meat and fish in terms of taste and texture.

Fusion: The culinary globalization of everyday life

In addition to the integration of "foreign" cuisines and exotic dishes, there is a new desire to fuse and mix kitchen styles and traditions. Because the cheerful experimentation with ingredients and methods of preparation inspires many and is spreading rapidly in the form of new popular recipes on social media platforms. So Fusion is the New Normal!

Source: Zukunftsinstitut from the trend study 2023


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Food report

About the author: Hanni Rützler

Hanni Rützler is one of the most renowned and influential food experts in Europe. The qualified nutritionist has been working as an author and speaker for the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt and Vienna since 2004. As a pioneer in nutritional science, consultant and researcher with multidisciplinary access to questions of eating and drinking behavior, Hanni Rützler has made a name for herself well beyond the German-speaking area, not just since her legendary tasting of the first in-vitro burger.

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