Find a new hobby: Top 5 low-carbon activities in 2022

Looking for a new hobby? Here is the best of the climate-friendly & low-emission leisure activities for this summer

find a new hobby like standup paddling in the lake

Author: Hanna Lina Werner

Finally out of your own four walls and just enjoy life. We all want that now. The summer lures with many beautiful moments. Eating ice cream in the cool shade of the trees. Mild summer evenings with wine spritzer and great conversations under the starry sky. Or just soak up the sun at the lake or by the pool. But that's not all summer has to offer.

Because there is no better time of year to find a new hobby. Full of energy and zest for action, we are ready to discover new things and leave our own comfort zone. Summer can finally come with the following low-emission leisure activities.

Find a new hobby: Top 5 low-carbon hobbies

1. New hobby with urban gardening

The idea of ​​seeing your own fruit and vegetables grow and being able to harvest them later is an absolute dream for many. Knowing exactly where the tomato or strawberry that ends up on the plate comes from makes the meal much tastier and more intense. True to the motto "Grow at home". So it can Urban Gardening be the perfect new hobby.

Fertile beds can be created and planted with a wide variety of vegetables, berries and herbs both in your own garden and on the balcony. Many will be surprised that they have a decidedly green thumb and get a really good harvest.

2. Outdoor sports with stand-up paddling

It doesn't always have to be the gym. If you want to shed the lockdown pounds, you can find a new hobby, especially with outdoor sports. Numerous sporting activities invite you to try them out in good weather and summer temperatures. These can also be combined with beautiful excursions into picturesque natural landscapes.

In harmony with nature, it is possible to enjoy the moment and leave the stress of everyday life behind with environmentally friendly and low-emission leisure activities such as stand-up paddling. Many yoga studios also offer outdoor yoga. Yoga in the park brings us back in touch with ourselves and gives us a great deal of joie de vivre.

3. Just do nothing while reading in the hammock

Finding a new hobby that's low-emission and climate-friendly doesn't necessarily mean doing extravagant things. As banal as it may sound, but reading enlightening literature on the subject of sustainability and "Green living', is also a wonderfully eco-friendly new hobby. There are now countless books that deal with climate change and also with concrete tips on how everyone can do something about it.

Our favorite books for the summer:

  1. Scenes from the Heart: Our Lives for the Climate - Greta Thunberg
  2. Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things - William McDonough and Michael Braungart
  3. 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste - Kathryn Kellogg
  4. Zero Waste Home - Bea Johnson
  5. Without ifs and waste: How I escaped the packaging madness - Milena Glimbovski
  6. The history of the bees - Maja Lunde
  7. Simply attractive: The guide for everyone who is fed up with disposable fashion - Kirsten Brodde & Alf Tobias Zahn
  8. FairReisen: the handbook for everyone who wants to travel in an environmentally conscious manner – Frank Herrmann

4. More than just a new hobby - doing good by volunteering

Our community thrives on people volunteering for a good cause. If you are looking for a new, climate-friendly hobby, volunteer work or involvement in a local association can also be ideas that can be implemented. Contacting local thrift shops or local non-profit organizations looking for volunteers is a first step towards a highly meaningful and rewarding pastime.

5. Discover creativity with do-it-yourself

There are many great do-it-yourself projects where your own creativity can really be lived out. If you want to find a new hobby that is climate-friendly and emission-free, you have the opportunity to be creative when sewing from recycled fabrics or making macrame with natural materials you have collected yourself. Painting and drawing are also meditative hobbies and at the same time beautify your own home.

These DIY ideas are particularly easy to implement with children. During a long walk in the forest, sticks, stones or flowers and plants can be collected to dry. These can later be used in a macrame dream catcher. Even when sewing can be sorted out remodel clothes like thisthat they are also very trendy this year and that they are given a second life. The perfect capsule wardrobe starts with a white t-shirt.

New hobby in the spirit of minimalism

Finding a new hobby doesn't have to be abstract or out of the ordinary. There are numerous climate-friendly and emission-free leisure activities for every taste that can be started this year. Sometimes obvious activities such as reading, good food or self-education are the leisure activities that lead to a happier and more sustainable life in the long term.


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