Luxury watch brands that act with responsibility and fairness

In the jewelry industry, too, more and more brands are integrating ethics and sustainability into their corporate philosophy. We show which luxury watch brands act responsibly 

Timeless gift ideas over several generations

Whether a memento, status symbol, tech gadget or accessory - a watch can serve many purposes. Regardless of the intention and taste of the wearer, however, more and more consumers have one common concern: sustainable and fairly produced objects from luxury watch brands.

The reason for this development is the growing social awareness of environmental protection and the precarious conditions in gold and diamond mines. There are two common methods used in large-scale industrial gold mining, namely the cyanide-alkali method and the mercury method.

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There are tons of water wasted, contaminated groundwater, released toxic fumes and produced waste. There is also the Deforestation of the rainforestto gain space for dismantling. In the process of this, workers are not just releasing toxic substances. Child labor is also widespread and conflict diamonds finance the continuation of wars.

As a result, watches are long-lasting objects that should be passed on from generation to generation. This not only increases the ideal value of the watch, but also its timelessness. Young generations like that Millennials and Gen Z. want loud trend-setting studies Consume products that are socially and environmentally friendly. Watches made from conflict-ridden gold and diamonds no longer meet modern customer needs.

Sustainability and ethics set new standards for luxury watch brands

These circumstances lead to the urgent need for luxury watch brands that ethical gold and use conflict-free diamonds. In response to this, more and more are establishing Luxury brands sustainable as well as ethical practices in their corporate philosophy. A seal of quality for such practices is the "Fairminded certification", which proves that international environmental and social standards are met. This includes compliance with protective working conditions, the prohibition of child labor, the promotion of special social development standards and protection of the environment.

Although more and more brands are becoming aware of the circumstances, fair watches are still rarely found in the jewelry industry these days. So that your search is not difficult, we have summarized our top luxury watch brands for you.

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