News: Diesel launches its first upcycling collection

"Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL" is the label's first upcycling collection. From now on, two sustainable collaborations should follow each year

Diesel upcycling
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Author: July Becker

  • "Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL" - a collection of 5.055 upcycling garments
  • Various prototypes and deadstock are used
  • Further designer upcycling collections with different designers are planned twice a year

In March Andrea Rosso, Diesel sustainability. Ambassador and Upcycling Artistic Director, presented the first Diesel Upcycling Collection in Milan. It's called "Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL"and is therefore part of Diesel's new sustainability strategy. The summer collection includes around 5.055 parts that were made from prototypes and deadstock. From now on, the upcycling collections will be realized twice a year with changing designers and labels. The starting signal is 55DSL, an in-house branch of Diesel founded in the 90s.

QR code on the washlist makes upcycling transparent for customers

Each part of the current upcycling collection has a QR code that leads interested parties to a website. All details of the manufacturing process and the materials are listed there. The fashion label founded in Italy in 1978 makes the upcycling process of its new collection extremely transparent. The manufacturing process is meticulously documented. The buyer can then trace it back from A to Z using the QR code on the washing slip. The upcycling of denim, polyester and spandex reduces the consumption of raw materials. It also reduces air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

The Diesel Upcycling Collection includes hooded jackets, T-shirts, bags and sports jackets

Highlights of the upcycling collection include, for example Hooded jacket Made from recycled denim and cotton sweatshirt. The hood and cuffs come from a sweater made of cotton sweatshirt fabric. A very special look also offers D-MESO & MESO, a recycled t-shirt with the “55DSL” logo. This is where the classic "55DSL" logo meets the Iroquois logo in the middle.


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