Ronald van der Kemp - Fashion and the art of rarity

We met Ronald van der Kemp, RVDK, the world's first sustainable haute-couture label. The brand's mission is to show the world that ethical fashion is glamorous and exciting

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Source: RVDK, 2019 Couture case

RVDK Ronald van der Kemp has worked as a designer and creative director for international luxury brands such as Bill Blass, Celine / Michael Kors, Guy Laroche and Barneys for 25 years. Then, he founded his own label under his name. To him, the realization that luxury fashion was slowly following in the footsteps of the fast fashion industry, was a turning point.

"Couture brands are now represented in every major city with several branches. The same products are sold everywhere, with constantly new deliveries. The exclusivity of high fashion has been completely lost and the focus on design, detail and craftsmanship is a rarity. "

Ronald van der Kemp as a pioneer of Ethical Haute Couture

The beginning was not easy. As RVDK launched his own label in 2014, he received little encouragement. "People thought we were crazy - even some of the most progressive industry insiders did not believe in our concept."

Ronald van der Kemp

Source: RVDK

Ronald van der Kemp's goal is to establish ethical high fashion while banishing the lavish ways of the fashion system. The label stands for a completely new concept of the wardrobe: consisting of individual limited edition statement pieces that are seasonal and timeless, reflecting the woman's personality, emphasizing her strengths and her character.

"We prefer talking about the wardrobe because it's long term. Collections, however, are tied to a short season. Wardrobes are made up of individual pieces that each have their own identity and come together as a whole. "

Back to the heyday of haute couture

RVDK combines high fashion with a sense of nostalgia and the longing for the heyday of haute couture. Back, when luxury fashion was still an expression of intimacy.

At that time, the wardrobe accentuated the personal style of a woman with exquisite pieces by her favorite designer. "I want to bring back the sense of timelessness of vintage couture pieces from the XNUMXs and XNUMXs."


Source: RVDK

Think back to times of Grace Kelly, who developed her legendary fashion style in close friendship with Christian Dior. Dior even dedicated the label's first baby collection to the offspring of the style icon.

I wanted to give clothes a soul again

Each piece of RVDK is handmade from high quality materials as well as remnants of material in small ateliers in his home country Holland. A deliberate contrast to high-tech factories.

"I wanted to give clothes a soul again. Clothes with a story and perhaps a little imperfection that show that human hands have created the piece. "


Source: RVDK

Of course, upscaling is difficult and true to the set approach at every step. Collaborating with other brands and developing creative solutions to leftover and legacy assets is a great way to promote both sides.

Luxury fashion as a guide in the fashion industry

For the future, Ronald van der Kemp hopes that the big companies will divide themselves into smaller and more flexible companies that are actually able to change their unsustainable practices. "We all need to slow down and realize that continuous growth is simply not possible if we all want to live in this world."

With the hope that people really want and even need the clothes which are made, he hopes that the production of countless collections each year will stop. Companies can think about alternative and modern sales opportunities and services.

"Luxury should play a leading role in the fashion world. In its heyday, couture was the source of inspiration for women and the fashion industry as a whole. Luxury fashion has the responsibility to influence the opinion of the people and should thus be at the forefront of sustainability and lead the movement. Luxury clothing should be timeless. "

Ronald van der Kemp

Source: RVDK, Ronald van der Kemp

To open the eyes of all fashion addicts, Ronald van der Kemp recommends personally looking at Stacey Dooley's BBC documentary "Fashion's Dirty Secrets".


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