Top 10 brands for ethical men's clothing

Protect the environment as well as the people by dressing stylishly and confidently - these brands for ethical men's clothing and fair fashion show how it's done

Sustainable fashion for men
NOAH Clothing SS2020 - Copyright by Noah Clothing

Author: Julia Schindler

Fair fashion for men is the trend and many brands for ethical men's clothing are following up on it. This is no surprise, given that social awareness and the willingness to participate in climate and environmental protection are constantly increasing. But a small challenge: Fast fashion still dominates the mainstream and keywords such as ethical and sustainable fashion are puzzling for many. Sustainable and ethical fashion ensure environmental and social awareness as well as acting within the fashion industry.

Take up the challenge

It can be mastered with ease. We show you what sustainability and ethics mean in the context of fashion. With our top 10 brands for fair fashion for men, we offer you a little jump start on your way to a high-quality, stylish and responsible wardrobe.

Fair fashion: sustainable and ethical fashion

Sustainable men's clothing

  • As little environmental impact as possible during production processes
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Reduction in the use of chemicals, CO02 emissions and production waste
  • Recycling
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility to the environment

    Ethical men's clothing

  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Philanthropic leitmotif
  • Guarantee of fair & decent working conditions
  • Zero tolerance for child labor
  • Responsibility towards the environment and people

These are our top 10 favorite brands for modern, chic and ethical men's clothing

  1. AG Jeans
  2. NOAH Clothing
  3. Naadam
  4. Patagonia
  5. RM Williams
  6. Outerknown
  7. Pact
  8. Everlane
  9. Alternative apparel
  10. Ecoalf

1. AG Jeans

AG Jeans takes the long-term approach of constantly taking new measures along the production chain so that the company becomes more sustainable and ethical. With the “AGOODKARMA” project, AG Jeans is gradually approaching the great goal of creating good karma for itself and its customers through continuously sustainable behavior. Since the project began, it has included numerous initiatives such as the introduction of a water recycling system or cooperation with social organizations like "Heal the Bay" in order to make an ethical contribution - Thus offering truly ethical men's clothing

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: water and heat recycling system, environmentally friendly lasers, innovative ozone technology, use of solar energy, social commitment
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, for example also available from Lodenfrey, Mytheresa & Unger
Style: Casual, urban, modern, smart - high-quality and cool looks, primarily for everyday use with a strong focus on jeans

Sustainable men's fashion - AG Jeans

Source & Copyright by J Brand Jeans

2. NOAH Clothing

The American label for ethical men's clothing takes a stand against the prevailing harrowing conditions in the fashion industry. All garments are therefore produced in carefully selected countries and factories, with tradition, expertise and human dignity as the top priorities. In addition, NOAH NYC publicly addresses social issues that the brand regards as important and gives a voice to people and organizations that are equally environmentally friendly and philanthropic. The label stands for sustainability and ethics and combines the rebellious vitality of pop, skate and surf culture with classic men's fashion.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Selected factories, traditional craftsmanship, partnership with 1% for the Planet, social commitment, philanthropic leitmotif
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, also available from SSENSE, for example
Style: Casual, urban, modern - classic men's fashion with influences from pop, surf & skate culture

Sustainable men's fashion - NOAH NYC

Source & Copyright by NOAH Clothing

3. Naadam

Nadaam combines luxurious cashmere with sustainability and tradition. In order to guarantee high quality, the company works directly with shepherds in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. They are paid 50% more than average workers within the sector and the goats from which the cashmere wool is obtained are also given veterinary care. The factories where the wool is processed are also operated with environmentally friendly energy.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: 100% felted cashmere wool, transparent production conditions, fair wages, zero tolerance for cruelty to animals
Shops: online shop - delivers to Germany
Style: high quality, classic, simple - primary basics in muted colors

4. Patagonia

The established brand produces outdoor clothing for a wide variety of sports and weather conditions from snow to sunshine. In addition, more and more men are integrating the functional parts (e.g. vests) as fashionable accents into their everyday looks. In addition to casual designs, it is the sustainable awareness of the brand that leads to its popularity: innovative and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton or recyclable polyester, fair and safe working conditions and a transparent supply chain. Thus, offering sustainable men's clothing.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Natural & recycled materials, fair trade certificate, transparent product chain
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, store in Berlin
Style: functional, weatherproof, casual, sporty - outdoor & indoor clothing

Sustainable men's fashion - Patagonia

Source & Copyright by Patagonia

5. R.M. Williams

The Australian company offers iconic shoe styles such as the Chelsea Boot and loafers that are locally made by trained artisans. It is approved by the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation body, which means R.M. Williams supports local industry while also guaranteeing fair wages and working conditions by offering their ethical men's clothing and accessoires.

Brand Origin: Australia
Key facts: fair wages & working conditions, local production, hand-made, ECA-approved
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, also available from SSENSE & Zalando, for example
Style: leather boots from Chelsea boots to sneakers to cowboy boots, also other leather goods

Sustainable men's fashion - RM Williams

Source & Copyright by RM Williams

6. Outerknown

Outerknown stands for the fact that sustainability does go hand in hand with a stylish appearance. According to the founder, surf legend Kelly Slater, style and sustainability are used interchangeably. That is why natural materials are used in the production of stylish designs, whereby great attention is paid to the availability of resources. In this way, environmentally harmful influences on production are to be controlled and minimized. Both the production conditions and the resources used can be viewed transparently on the brand's website where the ethical men's clothing is available.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Transparent supply and goods chain, protection of natural resources, fair working conditions
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, for example also available at Huckberry, Mr. Porter & Zalando
Style: Sporty, casual - modern interpreted surfer looks made from high quality materials

7. Pact

Pact is a pioneer in women's and mens' sustainable and ethical clothing. The company is Fair Trade certified, GOTS certified, reduces the waste of water in the production of textiles, does without the use of harmful chemicals and is committed to its employees. Every Pact product should tell a story of change. The brand relies on loose cuts to signal that it should be easy and pleasant to do good.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: fair trade certificate, GOTS certificate, no chemicals, philanthropic leitmotif
Shops: online shop - delivers to Germany
Style: Comfortable, relaxed, simple - casual & colorful basics

8. Everlane

Traveling the world to find the best factories and establish close contact with local employees - that goes without saying for the founders of Everlane. In doing so, they guarantee fair wages and working conditions for their workers, while also checking environmentally conscious production. By attaching importance to high-quality materials, they create products that can be passed on from generation to generation. All of this happens under the premise of radical transparency. They communicate the conditions in the factories, supply chains and product costs openly and directly to consumers.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Personal relationship with employees, fair wages and working conditions, high-quality materials, radical transparency
Shops: online shop - delivers to Germany
Style: modern, elegant, urban - high quality interpretation of current trends

9. Alternative Apparel

The brand produces more than 80% of its goods from exclusively sustainable materials. For example, organic wool and recycled polyester are used and biodegradable plasticizers and dyes are used. Worldwide fair working conditions and environmentally friendly packaging round off the company's conscious approach which results in high-quality, chic and sustainable men's clothing.

Brand Origin: USA
Key facts: Organic & recycled materials, biodegradable chemicals, fair working conditions, environmentally friendly packaging
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, for example also available from MyBestBrands
Style: Comfortable, relaxed, simple - casual basics available in a wide variety of colors

10. Ecoalf

Ecoalf stands for production from recycled materials - especially from the ocean. Every week, the label promotes the cleaning of the oceans by collecting waste from various waters as part of the "Ecoalf Foundation" and the associated project "Upcycling the Oceans". Above all, awareness of the problem of marine pollution and the possibility of a circular economy are to be increased in order to introduce customers to responsible consumption. Thanks to this contribution to protecting the environment, Ecoalf has been certified with B CORP ™ and is the first Spanish brand for women's and men's ethical clothing to receive this award.

Brand Origin: Spain
Key facts: B CORP ™ certificate, recycled materials, upcycling of marine litter, cooperation with the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
Shops: Online shop - delivers to Germany, for example also in the P&C online shop
Style: modern, straightforward, casual - can be combined with different fashion styles, both outdoor and indoor clothing

Sustainable men's fashion - Ecoalf

Source & Copyright by Ecoalf

You will find sustainable fashion brands for women here!


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