Are you a global citizen? Find out here!

Cosmopolitanism is one of the megatrends of our time. We'll show you what to look for to become a global citizen

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Author: Katharina Healing

Definition of Global Citizen

Global Citizen is people who are aware of the interrelationships of this world and their place in them. They play an active role in their community and work together with others to make the planet a fairer, safer and more sustainable place. In order to find out whether you are a global citizen - or how you can become one - you need to analyze your lifestyle and be willing to become part of something bigger.

Am I a global citizen? Find out by answering the following five questions.

Global Citizen Test

1. How globally am I connected?

The first step is to find out how cosmopolitan is already being lived. What global networks with people, markets, countries and organizations are there in everyday life and what helps to create a more global world? Where do the products that are used every day come from and who or what surrounds you? International networks are therefore a sign of a global citizen. To deal with people from different cultures and to learn more about the diversity of the world. Those who can identify these aspects get a first feeling for how connected and global they are.

2. What values ​​promote global communities?

The World Citizen represent certain values ​​that promote the diversity, humanity and security of the world. These include values ​​such as religious pluralism, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, ending conflicts between countries, humanitarian aid and the preservation of cultural diversity. If you can identify with these values ​​or are already committed to the rights of other people, you are well on your way to becoming a global citizen. This is not about making a simple donation - that also helps - but rather it is about understanding how different the living conditions of other people around the world can be.

3. How well do I know about global companies?

There are numerous global organizations, guidelines and programs that work for these values ​​and promote them with different means. It is important for the life of cosmopolitanism to be informed about what is happening globally in these areas and to check to what extent companies and organizations also follow these values. A good source for this is, for example World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO) or the United Nations (U.N).

4. How can I get active myself?

In addition to checking and informing, Global lives Community of its members becoming active themselves. This can be participation in demonstrations, signing petitions or donations. Of course you can also work in organizations yourself and support projects that fit your own interests. There are various global citizen communities that offer inspiration, e.g. Global Citizen Community or The Global Citizen Initiative.

5. How can I develop a sense of responsibility?

Those who take action themselves have already made a big step towards becoming a global citizen. Of course, it's also important in general, one Lifestyle to lead who supports the values ​​of the community as well as the World Citizen movement continues to expand. This can be through supporting artists, practicing a sustainable lifestyle and standing up for these values ​​in everyday life.

Whether globetrotter, digitized millennial or home lover - everyone can be a world citizen

All in all, a global citizen doesn't just need global connections like the Internet. The true connection that arises with other people, cultures and the planet as a whole stems from another global connection - namely empathy. Empathy is what makes cosmopolitanism possible and creates a positive difference that ultimately helps to make the world a fairer, more sustainable and safer place for everyone.


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