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In partnership with the German Design Award

The Silent-Yacht 60 is based on an innovative approach to remove the disadvantages of yachting and is the winner of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Aviation, Maritime & Railway"

silent yacht

Design Story


Silent Yachts Trading Ltd

Winner product


Design feature

Modern, elegant, dynamic


  • Solar powered electric motor with a 25 year guarantee for the solar panels
  • Noiseless driving further enhances connection to nature
  • Unlimited range and suitable for trans-ocean yachting
  • Use of sustainable materials such as bamboo, cork, flax fiber and basalt fiber
  • Hardware can be individually exchanged and expanded for a long period of use
  • Kite sail boosts speed in a sustainable way

silent yacht

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Brand philosophy

Energy self-sufficient yachts for an environmentally friendly experience

Silent-Yacht stands for the new kind of yachting. Without polluting emissions from fuel or engine noise, the brand redefines the yachting experience. With the solar panels, the yachts offer an unlimited range. The catamarans are also designed for ocean crossings. The design is dynamic and stands for the luxurious yachting experience without harming the environment.

Solar operation & bionic design

The Silent Yacht 60 is a more sustainable alternative with its solar-powered drive. The company furthermore tries to use a holistic approach to combine yachting with nature, design, materials and operations. Bionic design and the use of carbon fiber as well as resins make the catamaran considerably lighter than conventional yachts. New versions of individual components can also be individually exchanged and reused in order to promote long-term usability.