Max La Manna - Zero Waste Tricks by the Cook Revolucer

Delicious dishes with selected, high-quality ingredients. Everywhere in the world, this realization prevails, especially in New York.

Max La Mana, Zero-waste, eat healthy, cook vegan
Max La Mana, Eating with Max

Eating with Max La Manna

Der vegan chef-revolutionist Max La Manna belongs to the cooksthat are about more goes as only um enjoy your meal.

The carefulr Dealing with foodIt is important to him. But also die plasticizing the seas is one important Theme, whose yourself today not just environmentalists, but also immer mehr Representative of haute cuisine accept.

Based on that his cookoncept from New York. That's why it's La Mannas Objective: heavenly Vegan courts to prepare and simultaneously the consciousness of People too the schule, that good life and good food are possible even without waste and exploitation.

Max La manna is a vegan chef with zeroWaste-Claim. Because jede component of the food finds with him Use. She conjures refined Dishes and acts simultaneously as a lawyer for Sustainability and is Receiving our earth.

Away from wastefulness to sensible consumption - that is easily possible at home as well. How to do this, Max La Manna explains with four simple points:

1. Do I really need that?

Zero Waste starts when shopping: Just Foods that are really used, land in the shopping cart. Then later you will find less things in the fridgewhose Expiration date is exceeded.

2. Think first, then buy
Where does a product come from? and which way did it go?, to reached us? Uwhich one conditions wird it produces and what happens to it when it is no longer needed? Anyone who asks these questions buys more sensibly and does not give in to every impulse.

3. Be more satisfied
In today's society of the so-called first world, most people already own more, as you need. But mOwn possessions do not bring more luck. Inner satisfaction and moderate, enjoyable consumption are more effective here.

Find 4.Balance
With Babiesteps kick off. DThe world does not change overnight, but every little change is a step in the right direction.

Valuable cuisine

Max La Mannas Passion applies twoto complement each other Topics: the cooking and the goal, unnecessary To put an end to food waste.

He sees his job in it, including other people to a positive attitude towards food and more generally with resources to inspire and thus the quality of life zu improve - for today as well as for that Tomorrow.


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