Max La Manna - Tricks by the Zero Waste Chef

The zero waste chef creates delicious dishes with selected, high-quality ingredients. This trend is booming all worldwide. Especially, in New York

Max La Mana, Zero-waste, eat healthy, cook vegan
Max La Mana, Eating with Max

Eating with Max La Manna

The vegan cooking revolutionary Max La Manna is one of the Cookswho care about more than just good Essen.

Careful handling of food is important to him. But also the plasticizing the seas is an important issue of which today is not only Environmentalist, but also more and more representatives of haute cuisine.

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This is exactly what his New York cooking concept is based on. Therefore, it is La Manna's goal: to prepare heavenly vegan dishes and at the same time to train people's awareness that a good life and good food are possible without waste and exploitation.

Max La Manna is a vegan chef with zero waste standards. Because every component of the food is used with him. He conjures up refined dishes and at the same time acts as an advocate for sustainability and the preservation of our earth.

max la manna

Source & Copyright by Max la Manna

Consumption instead of waste

Away from waste and towards sensible consumption - this is also very easy at home. Max La Manna explains how this works with four simple points:

1. Do I really need this?

Zero waste begins with shopping: only food that is actually used ends up in the shopping cart. Then there are guaranteed to be fewer things in the fridge that have expired.

2. Think first, then buy

Where does a product come from and what route did it take to reach us? Under what conditions is it produced and what happens to it when it is no longer needed? If you ask yourself these questions, you buy more sensibly and don't give in to every impulse.

3. Be happier

In today's so-called first world society, most people already have more than they need. But more possession does not bring more happiness. Inner satisfaction and moderate, enjoyable consumption are more effective.

4. Find balance

Start with Baby Steps. The world doesn't change overnight, but every little change is a step in the right direction.

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Valuable cuisine

Max La Manna's passion is two, complementary topics: cooking and the goal of putting an end to unnecessary food waste.

He sees his task in inspiring other people to use food and resources in general in a positive way and thus improve the quality of life - for today and for tomorrow.


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