Leonardo DiCaprio invests in a sustainable watch label

ID Genève is considered a pioneer in the sustainable watch industry. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now supporting the luxury label with two million francs.

ID Geneve

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  • ID Genève strives for a new luxury identity in the watch industry and focuses on sustainability and a minimal carbon footprint
  • Leonardo DiCaprio, as an investor and ambassador for ID Genève, emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the luxury goods industry
  • The partnership shows the shared belief that a change towards more sustainability in the luxury industry is inevitable

The Swiss luxury watch brand ID Genève has taken a successful step towards its sustainable luxury watch production: It was able to attract world-famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio as an investor and ambassador who supports its vision for environmentally friendly and impact-conscious luxury watch production.

ID Genève and their approach to sustainable luxury watch production

The Swiss brand ID Genève was founded by three young entrepreneurs: Cédric Mulhauser, watchmaker; Singal Depéry, artistic director; and Nicolas Freudiger, CEO. The concept that they developed during the Covid pandemic was launched at the end of 2020 through crowdfunding organized in Switzerland to finance the initial investments.

The company's vision is to create a new luxury identity in the watch industry. They want to achieve this through a minimal CO2 footprint and the associated “zero mining” status. Therefore, the entrepreneurs founded a brand based on recycling and waste prevention. They strive to become leaders in the field of innovative eco-watches. Since its founding, its focus has been on sustainability and environmental compatibility. The brand recently received the coveted B Corp certification.

Leonardo DiCaprio as an ambassador for sustainable change

Leonardo DiCaprio's investment in ID Genève marks a significant milestone for the watch label.

Although the actor did not personally invest two million Swiss francs in ID Genève, but did so through Swiss family offices, his investment is still of great importance for the brand's reputation.

In addition to his financial support, DiCaprio also takes on the role of a long-term business partner and ambassador for ID Genève. This not only illustrates his personal commitment, but also sends a clear signal about the importance of sustainability in the luxury goods industry. Leonardo DiCaprio, who is already a major investor in Diamond Foundry and made a significant contribution to financing a solar-powered laboratory diamond production facility last year, is a staunch advocate of sustainable development.

The partnership between Leonardo DiCaprio and the luxury watch brand is an impressive example of unity in the belief that a change in the luxury industry towards greater sustainability and environmental impact is inevitable. This collaboration promises to advance efforts in sustainable luxury watch production and become a model for future sustainable investments and partnerships in the luxury goods industry.

ID Genève's growth plans

ID Genève has produced limited watch collections of 2015 to 300 pieces every year since 500. The company plans to increase production to 2023 units in 600.

The company sees physical retail stores as an image accelerator, allowing professionals to better spread their brand message within the industry. While 80 percent of watches are sold through e-commerce and direct sales, the remaining 20% ​​are available in physical outlets.

Another accelerant for the brand's recognition value is the arrival of Leonardo DiCaprio as a long-term business partner. Nicolas Freudiger, co-founder of the company, expressed his appreciation for Leonardo DiCaprio in a conversation with The New York Times in 2021. The connection between them came about through shared acquaintances. The founders of the luxury watch brand and Leonardo DiCaprio agree on the necessary change in the luxury industry.


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