Clean Plate at Gwyneth Paltrow

Tasty recipes and revitalizing health tips, the new cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow combines both.

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Delicious food that can be prepared quickly and is healthy at the same time is the focus of the Oscar prizewinner in her new cookbook "Clean Plate". Live sustainably and a sustainable one Lifestyle applies to the actress as New Luxury. The recipes consist of the so-called “clean ingredients” and natural flavors that characterize the main pillars of your cooking style. High quality, natural but simple products are the stars of theirs Kitchen. She developed the recipes together with nutrition experts and doctors, so that a cleaning function of the food is guaranteed. The food should support a detox process and help the body detoxify itself.


Health is the focus

The cookbook Clean Plate is for health-conscious Gourmets who want to cook delicious even on stressful days of the week. The collection of more than 100 recipes includes soups, smoothies, bowls, appetizers, snacks and desserts that are easy to prepare. In addition, the cookbook offers detailed nutritional plans and detox tips. Thus, a must for anyone who wants to cook healthy, fast and delicious, expert knowledge included.

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