Ralph Lauren and his strategy for sustainability - "Design the Change"

The luxury house responds to the theme of environmental protection and published the Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report on June 12th. Like many more fashion houses, the brand thereby reveals new sustainability goals.

Ralph Lauren, Design the change
Picture right: Ralph Lauren

The circle of sustainable companies in the fashion and luxury industry is getting bigger and bigger. More and more companies are defining their own sustainability goals and are adjusting their production processes and value chain accordingly. Now, Ralph Lauren is joining the movement.

The traditional brand Ralph Lauren

The fashion label Ralph Lauren, known for a timeless & elegant style that creates both fashion and interior design, brings the project “Design the Change” to life. The company is thus defining new sustainability goals. The company's sales are around USD 6 billion (2018). The new goals will therefore have a major positive impact on sustainability.

Ralph Lauren

Picture right: Ralph Lauren

Design the Change by Ralph Lauren

By the end of 2020, the luxury company wants to switch to 100% renewable energy and reduce its  greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain. In addition, until 2025, Ralph Lauren aims establish the circular economy within its production processes , mainly by using sustainable cotton, polyester, wool, viscose and leather. This will abolish the use of harmful chemicals from across the supply chain.

The animal welfare directive has also been redefined. According to this, all animal materials, such as leather or down, as residual products should come from certified and traceable suppliers.

In addition to the new goals, the company assures to process 170 million recycled plastic bottles into its assortment and packaging material by the end of 2025. Gender equality in leadership positions is also part of the new objective. Just as a respectful approach within the workforce.

With this report, the American fashion house makes it clear that it reacts to the main theme of the 21st century and progresses with positive actions.


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