Top CSR trends for sustainable corporate development

In 2020, too, the CSR trends will be towards ethics and sustainability. We show which trends will determine the corporate culture of the future

Top CSR trends in large corporate buildings

Author: July Becker

In 2020, CSR - i.e. corporate social responsibility - trends were again determined. These relate to the responsibility of Companies towards society and towards sustainable development. In short, it is about positive amounts, in the form of products or services, for living beings as well Environment.

These are the CSR trends 2020

As the topic of the hour, corporate social responsibility is becoming more and more important for companies every year. Conscious, social and sustainable action is much more than an entrepreneurial nice to have. Green companies fit into the overall social striving for environmentally conscious, long-term solutions and thus not only improve their image. Rather, they position themselves so confidently and future-proof.

CSR is closely linked to compliance global climate targets and fighting climate change. Also the goals of the UN Agenda 2030 and the related ones 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are largely reflected in CSR reports.

These CSR trends promise secure future prospects for companies

1. Certificates & seals

Consumers use seals and certificates to quickly get an impression of which standards a company is following. This starts with textile seals such as Oeko-Tex and goes all the way to certificates that certify companies are carbon neutral. This makes seals and certificates powerful marketing instruments that should not be neglected.

2. Achieve climate neutrality

Large fashion retailers in particular have set themselves the goal of making their company climate-neutral in recent years. Reduce and avoid CO2 is the motto. This is done, for example, by switching to green electricity, through a production chain designed for recycling, or through CO2 compensation.

Numerous companies issue certificates that a company is carbon neutral. So if you want to secure the title as a “green company”, there is no way around climate neutrality certification.

TOP CSR trends

3. Employees are the focus

Its own employees are one of the greatest assets a company has. In addition, satisfied employees are productive employees. Companies of all sizes should therefore start by 2020 at the latest to focus on their employees without compromise. This includes creating a supportive, pleasant working atmosphere.

In addition, the external impact must not be neglected: both on social media and in politics, companies should stand up for their employees. In addition, it also includes supporting charities and local communities in order to achieve positive changes in the long term.

4. Create values

Ultimately, it's always about creating values ​​that a company stands for. These must be clearly communicated both internally and externally. Values ​​create orientation both internally and externally and are, among other things, an important tool for recruiting new employees. The more clearly the company values ​​are formulated, the better. And the more consistently a company embodies this, the more authentic it appears.

You can find the companies with the Top CSR 2020 here.


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