Stella McCartney - High & Ethical Fashion

High fashion can be environmentally friendly, elegant and sexy. Today, more and more designers and fashion companies are showing this. The way to Ethical Fashion requires a rethinking at all levels.

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Stella McCartney's 2019 Spring Collection

Sustainability and high fashion sound paradoxical at first. They were long terms that did not fit together and fair fashion was often labeled as "eco".  But more and more consumers are questioning labels concerning their clothing and the manufacturing process behind it. Meanwhile, many designers show that Ethical Fashion can look very glamorous  and that luxury fashion can be produced under ethically correct conditions.

A report from McKinsey & Company "The State of Fashion 2019" identifies "sustainability." as one of the ten mega-trends in the fashion industry.  At the same time, however, it represents one of the greatest challenges. According to the study, the road to sustainability leads, above all, to more transparency and openness in fashion companies.

"Sustainability is developing from a marketing tool to the center of innovation for Fashion & Design "

The study states that in the future, the principles of the circular economy will be an integral part of all business processes along the value chain. Labels that implement this will benefit from increased efficiency and a loyal clientele. In today's fast fashion, sustainability is becoming one of the most important aspects of differentiation in the marketplace.

How come you haven't heard much about slow fashion labels yet?

Slow Fashion is quiet and it's hard to be heard. Many labels are start-ups, whose elaborate production processes and strict ethical principles are very costly and time-consuming. This leaves little time and budget for global marketing campaigns. A rethinking on the part of consumers is necessary. Reduced fashion cycles must be more accepted, towards a timeless fashion mindset.

One that has already made it and established itself in the fashion industry - as a pioneer in green fashion - is Stella McCartney

The daughter of the world-famous Beatles member is a strict vegan and therefore does not use any animal ingredients for her collections. She was the first to show that sustainable high fashion is possible. Industry insiders prophesied that the British designer would receive a lot of headwind, since luxury fashion without leather and fur is impossible. But the customers decided differently and helped with their loyalty to build a luxury fashion company with a focus on sustainability. With, she is now an internationally established brand.

Stella McCartney and her actions for a better world

Stella McCartney's commitment to sustainability is not just part of the brand ethos, but runs through all of the company's processes. Respect for man, nature and animals is at the heart of her company. The environment should be protected by conserving natural resources and using only renewable materials. Regenerated cashmere, vegetarian leather, sustainable viscose and revolutionized silk are just some of the innovations that the company has developed.


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