Sustainable gifts for men: the 15 best ideas with style

Sustainable gifts for men: Here you will find the most beautiful ideas for every taste and type of man - unique, long-lasting and fair

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Make your loved one happy and make a statement for awareness. Sustainable gifts for men from brands that take social responsibility and support fair trade. Whether it's a t-shirt, accessories or tech gadget, you'll find the best ideas for the next great occasion here. Our gift ideas for men are guaranteed not to gather dust in the closet.

6 reasons why men should love sustainable gifts

  1. Environmentally friendly: Sustainable gifts for men protect the environment and resources and reduce the carbon footprint
  2. Durable: Eco-friendly gifts are often more durable and made from quality materials with timeless style
  3. Fair: Sustainable gifts for men are manufactured under fair conditions and often have a social impact
  4. Original: Gifts from small businesses specializing in custom and handmade products are one-of-a-kind
  5. Free from harmful substances: Gift ideas made from ecological materials are free from harmful chemicals as well as toxins
  6. Awareness: By giving away sustainable gifts, impulses are set for a sustainable lifestyle

Top 15 sustainable gifts for men

  1. Nuka Eternal Stationary
  2. Honest Basics
  3. Mondaine
  4. Nisolo
  5. Zero point
  6. Allbirds
  7. The Outerknown
  8. Or Aperitif
  9. Sound Level
  10. October
  11. Heat Mystery Box
  12. Knowledge Cotton Apparel
  13. Pala Eyewhere
  14. Auterra
  15. ground

1. Nuka Eternal Stationary

The digital notebook and pen without ink from "Nuka" not only impress with their clean design, but also with their ecological added value. Conventional paper notebooks wear out quickly and lead to the felling of trees. In contrast, Nuka is infinitely reusable. Thanks to the innovative technology, the notebook is also tear- and water-resistant, while resembling the soft feel of normal paper. In addition, all entries can easily be digitized and transferred to other devices and deleted using the "Eraser".

Brand origin: USA
Key Facts: Infinitely reusable, tear and water resistant
Availability: Online via Nuka


2. Honest Basics

The fashion brand "Honest Basics" offers fair classics for the wardrobe. The designs are minimalist and simple - so they can be combined in many ways. Honest Opinion's mission is to make fair fashion accessible to everyone. The materials used are therefore sustainable, such as lyocell or GOTS-certified organic cotton. In addition, all products are vegan and the manufacturing process is ethical.

Brand Origin: Germany
Key Facts: Timeless basics, GOTS and vegan certified
Availability: Online via Honest

sustainable gifts for men honest bascis

Source & Copyright by Honest Basics

3. Mondaine

A selection of sustainable wristwatches is available from the Mondaine brand. The company is completely CO2 neutral: whether in materials or transport. The leather straps of the watches are made of vegan grape leather. The vegetable leather alternative is made from waste from Italian wine production. A cooperation with the non-profit organization Fairventures also promotes the reforestation of the rainforest.

Brand origin: Schweiz
Key Facts: Climate neutral, vegan leather, social
Availability: Online via Mondaine

sustainable gifts mondaine.jpeg

Source & Copyright by Mondaine

4. Nisolo

"Nisolo" offers a wide range of sustainable shoes. The B-Corp certified brand stands for fair wages, transparency and sustainable materials. The brand takes a holistic approach to environmental impact. This also includes recyclability and an extended product life cycle after use. The leather used, for example, is a waste product from the meat industry and is considered a certified by-product and secondary product. In addition, Nisolo is CO2-neutral.

Brand Origin: USA
Key Facts: B-Corp certified, carbon neutral, fair
Availability: Online via Nisolo

sustainable gifts nisolo

Source & Copyright by Nisolo

5. Zero point

The functional fragrances from "Nullpunkt" are intended to bring calm to the complex everyday life. Whether fear, stress, tiredness or difficulty concentrating - depending on your state of mind, one of the four fragrances will help you find balance and center yourself. In short: Nullpunkt creates a kind of aromatherapy that promotes mindfulness and well-being. To achieve this, the fragrances have been carefully developed with a professional perfumer and are based on 100% natural oils.

Brand origin: Germany
Key Facts: Wellbeing, aromatherapy, 100% natural ingredients
Availability: Online via Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances

Zero fire index

6. Sustainable comfort: Allbirds

Who doesn't know them, the stylish sneakers from “Allbirds”. The B Corp-certified brand works with innovative and environmentally friendly materials such as water-repellent wool, recycled plastic bottles or organic TPU. Allbirds has also managed to achieve a net-zero-emissions shoe with its "M0.0nshot" model - without any climate compensation at all. The brand makes these findings available to the entire shoe industry in an open source toolkit. Allbirds had already provided the co-creation spirit through its cooperation Adidas under Evidence.

Brand Origin: USA
Key Facts: Net zero emissions shoes, innovative material
Availability: Online via Allbirds

sustainable gifts men allbirds shoes-2

Source & Copyright by Allbirds

7. Outerknown

The casual surfer label "Outerknown" not only protects the environment, but also supports fair working conditions. The labor standards are therefore transparent and extend the livelihood of the workers. There will also be mostly Preferred Fibers used, i.e. textiles made from preferred raw materials. The company also uses circularity with its "Outerworn" resale platform, keeping garments out of landfills.

Brand origin: USA
Key Facts: Fair, cool styles, resale
Availability: Online via Outerknown

sustainable gifts outerknown -2

Source & Copyright by Outerknown

8. Ode aperitif

Highlight for the house bar and the taste. The natural aperitif combines German wine with the finest botanicals from around the world. More precisely, the beverage brand extracts the natural essences of raw materials such as fruit, herbs or wood in its own lab in Berlin in order to obtain special and original aromas. The process for obtaining the essences was developed in-house and went through countless test phases in order to create a completely new taste architecture for natural aperitifs.

Brand origin: Germany
Key Facts: Natural ingredients, innovative extraction process
Availability: Online via Ode Aperitif

sustainable gifts for men ode

9. Beosound Level

While Bang & Olufsen is already known for high standards in the field of sustainability, the Beosound Level literally takes this commitment to a new level. The portable speaker has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle certificate. A seal that guarantees that the speaker is removable, recyclable and free of harmful substances and has not been awarded to any comparable product to date. Extra plus: The high-quality, minimalist design.

Brand origin: Denmark
Key Facts: Cradle to Cradle certificate, recyclable
Availability: Online via B&O

sustainable gifts for men speakers-2

Source & Copyright by Bang & Olufsen

10 Octobre

The Parisian fashion brand "Octobre" offers men's fashion with savoir-fair. Octobre's goal is to create garments that are eco-friendly and ethical at the same time. Ephemeral trend pieces are to be replaced by timeless creations with vintage potential. The styles are suitable for almost every season and occasion. Last but not least, 95% of the items are handmade in Europe-wide workshops.

Brand origin: France
Key Facts: Inspired by Prais, handmade in workshops, vintage potential
Availability: Online via Octobre

octobre sustainable gifts

Source & Copyright by Octobre

11. Heat Mystery Box

Heat offers "Mystery Boxes" that contain, depending on the consumer: a personalized curation of luxury items - fashion or homeware from brands like JW Anderson, Mugler or Vetements. The startup works with more than 80 of the world's leading high-end brands, which guarantees the authenticity of the goods and incomparable discounts. Ultimately, the value of the boxes is always higher than what was actually spent. But that's not the only advantage: Heat has created a model that redistributes existing clothing. Inventory levels from major brands are thus made accessible to a larger audience, which provides new food for thought for end-of-life management.

Brand origin: UK
Key Facts: Personalized & authenticated luxury goods, reduction of waste
Availability: Online via Heat

sustainable gifts mystery box

Source & Copyright by Heat

12.Knowledge Cotton Apparel

"Knowledge Cotton Apparel" is a fashion brand that offers a wide variety of fashion. As the name suggests, sustainable cotton is the focus here. For this, the company works together with the certification of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS). According to Knowledge Cotton, every shirt made from organic cotton saves 165 grams of pesticides compared to a conventional cotton shirt. According to the manufacturer, the organic cotton is often grown by small farmers, so that their livelihood is secured. Other certifications such as Vegan PETA, ECOVERO and CarbonNeutral also set the standards for the company.

Brand origin: Denmark
Key Facts: Sustainable cotton, carbon neutral, vegan
Availability: Online via Knowledge Cotton Apparel

knowledge sustainable gifts for men

Source & Copyright by Knowledge Cotton Apparel

13. Pala Eyewear

This brand offers different models of sun lenses with a social impact. For every pair of glasses sold, Pala gives back to eye care programs across Africa, because 90% of people with vision loss live in low- and middle-income countries. The stylish products are also chic and made from innovative materials - for example biodegradable or from recycled materials. Small, limited editions are also produced in a factory in Italy.

Brand origin: Great Britain
Key facts: New Materials, Social Purpose, Reduced Production
Availability: Online via Pala

sustainable gifts pala eyewear

Source & Copyright by Pala Eyewear

14. AuTerra

The jewelry from "AuTerra" is classic and offers a large selection of men's rings. The entire range of jewelery is made from electronic waste. Because every electronic device contains a small amount of gold or silver, which can be sorted out and processed. AuTerra makes use of this recycling process. The jewelery packaging is also made from sustainable hemp.

Brand origin: South Africa
Key Facts: Handcrafted, precious metals from recycled e-waste
Availability: Online via AuTerra

sustainable gifts men auterra

Source & Copyright by AuTerra

15. Floor

"Boden" offers many items of clothing for different occasions. Sustainable fibers and controlled raw materials are used for this. The brand also ensures its clothing never ends up in landfill by donating unsold and faulty (but still wearable) items to charity. The products are also tested and certified for fit, comfort and quality. Last but not least, the company proves its transparency by disclosing its complete list of works to suppliers.

Brand Origins: Great Britain
Key Facts: Ethical trading, wide choice, charity
Availability: Online via ground

sustainable gifts for men boden direct-2

Source & Copyright by Boden

Sustainable gifts men

It is often not easy to find a suitable gift for men. Many gift recipients already have everything. Therefore, when choosing gifts, you should make sure that they are useful and sustainable. In addition to immaterial gifts or beautiful DIY ideas, you can give our 15 gift ideas with a clear conscience and the recipient will enjoy them for a long time. Fresh brands instead of boring vouchers. With this, you not only make your loved ones happy, but also the planet.

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