Sustainable logos: The new status symbol of conscious fashion brands

More and more brands are modifying their brand symbols and launching sustainable logos as an expression of their commitment - but what does that mean?

sustainable logos
Source & Copyright by Valentino Garavani

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Although sustainability has long been the buzzword in the fashion industry and determines the future viability of established brands, there is no consensus on exactly how it should be implemented. Capsule collections, recycling effortsand meticulously planned sustainability plans are often perceived more as a confusing statement than a clear brand message. However, since consumers today demand exactly these values ​​of transparency and authenticity, clear strategies and products are needed. Commitments with clear imagery. And it is precisely this request that more and more fashion houses are implementing: Louis Vuitton, Prada and Maison Valentino have given their brand icons a makeover and launched sustainable logos.

Visual Change Makers

If you close your eyes and think of one of the traditional brands, you automatically have their concise logos in mind. As central brand symbols, they strengthen brand value, since visual communication stimulates memory. This means that logos ensure that consumers not only perceive brands, but can also remember or identify them in different situations. Changing a logo can therefore be seen as a bold and bold step. And in the case of luxury brands as a strong positioning for a sustainable reorientation of traditional structures towards consciousness-oriented approaches.

Sustainable logos mark future-oriented products

Valentino has launched new versions of its iconic sneaker models Open and Rockstud Untitled dedicated to the sustainable ethos. Under the lead project "Valentino Garavani Open For A Change", the Maison is promoting its use recycled and bio-based materials, for example vegan upper material made of corn polyps or rivets made of canvas or nylon. Important: The timeless aesthetics of the shoe will not be changed in any way, but made more sustainable innovation implemented. In a holistic sense, packaging made from recycled paper and a dust bag made from fully recycled cotton complete the concept.

sustainable logos

Source & Copyright by Valentino Garavani

Also Louis Vuitton produces its latest sneaker from 90% recycled materials such as regenerated cotton or plastic waste. The sneaker also bears the sustainable logo designed by Virgil Abloh, which reinterprets the iconic LV in the form of the recycling symbol. This not only adorns the shoe, but also the box was printed with vegetable ink in a holistic sense.

Along with Valentino and Louis Vuitton, Prada is also in the Hall of Pioneers for sustainable logos. And sets new standards for sustainable fashion with the Re-Nylon collection. More specifically, Re-Nylon is a material made from plastics collected around the world from the ocean, from fishing nets, landfills and textile fiber waste. The special feature: the nylon can be regenerated endlessly and without any loss of quality. According to the traditional Italian house, it is therefore a key innovation that combines groundbreaking fabric technology with sustainable and recyclable luxury.

Source & Copyright by Prada

What's next: Upscaling sustainable logos

While the sustainable logos stand as a symbol for innovative production methods and ecologically responsible products, there is one crucial restriction: the brand symbols are only attached to selected and limited products. It can therefore be critically questioned whether the sustainable logos are marketing tools to generate additional profit. After all, the adorned products are only launched as additional versions without stopping the production of existing, not consciously produced, offers. Means: The brands rain supplementary as well as more consumption on. And this is in stark contrast to the mission to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. However, it is precisely this area of ​​tension that stimulates the discourse and thus leads to the development and scaling of better solutions. So it is to be hoped that the sustainable logos will soon become the status quo.


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