Earthshot Prize 2023: Awards for pioneers of sustainable innovations

Last week, the Earthshot Awards 2023 awarded five companies to support their sustainable innovations.

Winner Earthshot Prize
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  • The Earthshot Prize 2023 honored groundbreaking environmental innovations in Singapore, including projects to protect Andean forests, electromobility and the fight against illegal fishing
  • The five Earthshots, including nature and ocean conservation and climate improvement, guide groundbreaking projects that address global environmental challenges by 2030
  • The Earthshot Prize Council emphasizes the importance of sustainable innovation and supports not only the winners, but also all 15 finalists to further develop and implement their solutions

“The light of optimism is burning bright in our Earthshot Finalists.” Said the founder and president of the Earthshot price Prince William. The Earthshot Prize 2023 was awarded in a glittering ceremony in Singapore this November. Five companies were honored and given prize money of one million pounds for further development. Since 2020, the Earthshot Prize has pursued the goal of promoting innovative approaches to solving environmental problems.

Five Earthshots for a sustainable future

The concept of the Earthshot Prize consists of five defined Earthshots that should be achieved by 2030. These Earthshot goals focus on topics such as conservation and restoration, air purification, ocean revitalization, waste reduction, and climate improvement.

The five winners of the Earthshot Prize 2023

This year, five winners were selected from 15 groundbreaking initiatives that pursue these goals:


The Chinese company builds and recycles lithium-ion batteries. This innovation therefore has the potential to revolutionize electromobility and at the same time reduce the ecological footprint.

Accion Andina:

The South American organization is actively committed to protecting the native ecosystems of the Andean forests, which are threatened by increasing deforestation.

WildAid Marine Program:

This global program aims to combat illegal fishing and protect the oceans from further damage caused by excessive fishing.

S4S Technologies:

The Indian company makes solar-powered devices that help small farmers better preserve their crops. This not only secures their livelihood, but above all reduces unnecessary food waste.


The global company measures, documents and verifies carbon credits around the world. These carbon credits can be purchased, with a majority of the proceeds going directly to participating farmers and ranchers.

Recognition of the winners and long-term support for finalists too

The Earthshot award winners were selected from a group of 15 nominated innovations and companies. Each of the five winners will receive a £1 million award. This prize money will be used to further advance their groundbreaking projects.

The Earthshot Prize Council, consisting of personalities such as Prince William, Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Cate Blanchett and Sir David Attenborough, recognized not only the winners, but also all 15 finalists: They will receive support for a year through the Earthshot Prize Fellowship program in the form of mentoring or technical assistance. This means that these companies should also be able to further develop and implement their solutions.

Earthshot Price

Source & Copyright: Earthshot Prize

A week of innovations

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday evening as part of the so-called “Earthshot Week”. This stretched from November 5th to 9th, 2023 and featured a variety of events in central Singapore. Highlights included networking opportunities, community events and a dedicated youth program for emerging leaders. On the evening of November 7th, the celebratory award ceremony took place on the Mediacorp Campus. Celebrities such as Hannah Waddingham and Sterling K Brown also took part in this event. Well-known bands such as Bastille and One Republic also provided musical highlights on site.

The global importance of sustainable innovations

The awarding of the Earthshot Prize 2023 underscores the urgent need to promote innovative solutions to global environmental problems. It is not only a recognition of outstanding environmental innovations, but also a call to action around the world. Only together can we overcome the challenges of climate change and environmental protection. Prince William also sheds light on the global significance of climate change in relation to the award winners: “…Our Winners and all our Finalists remind us that, no matter where you are on our planet, the spirit of ingenuity, and the ability to inspire change, surrounds us all.”


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