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The entertainment of the future has social and planetary relevance

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We live in an age in which we can be reached at any time, information is transmitted in a matter of seconds and media is available everywhere. The information age is also an "entertainment age"; after all, information and entertainment have never been so closely linked to our society. However, this means it's more important than ever to include an entertainment component.

The Zukunftsinstitut was founded in 1998, since then it has been considered one of the leading think tanks for trend and future research. They determine the social and economic change, which is shared in analyzes and findings. Ultimately, they pursue the goal of creating a view of the future and its potential and providing orientation.

A new study by the institute shows the future potential of the entertainment industry. In addition, it offers insights into the transformative power of entertainment, explains the principles of it and helps to understand and properly use its mechanisms and potential.

The shift towards meaningfulness

According to the study, good entertainment can change the world. But what does it take in a world like this to promote a paradigm shift and what does good entertainment even mean? After all, the last few years have shown that perspectives are changing. It is becoming increasingly clear that entertainment has so far done nothing useful. Thus, the focus is more and more on the social and global challenges, away from pleasure addiction.

This is becoming progressively clear, especially in times of constant crisis. As a result, entertainment should focus on "political enlightenment, depolarization and the creation of new offers of identification, but also on the well-known possibilities of differentiation and open up constructive, less conflicting design potential".

Entertainment is determined by four overarching areas:

Technology: Augmentation

The entertainment of the future expands human possibilities. The creation of new virtual and real-digital realities opens up alternative perspectives on the world.

Individual: Me-tainment

The entertainment of the future supports the personal mind shift. Entertainment increasingly addresses the human need for self-design and self-reflection.

Community: We-tainment

The entertainment of the future is socially empowering. Entertainment formats are establishing themselves as an elementary part of social education - and as a constructive cement for polarized societies.

Culture: Valuetainment

The entertainment of the future has social and planetary relevance. The forces of entertainment and play are becoming central levers for eco-social transformation.

Connectivity as a driver

In terms of connectivity, the possibilities of entertaining are radically multiplied. Consequently, the new media structures and possibilities, the "networking" of entertainment, can be divided into two large areas. Entertainment 1.0, this includes classic entertainment offers and media, which can be received independently of time and space (e.g. via streaming platforms). Followed by Entertainment 2.0, new offers actively involve users, including user-generated content (e.g. via social media).

This results in a massive change in media usage behavior:


People want to decide for themselves how, when and where they consume content. Above all, the mobile-first paradigm opens up completely new usage times (e.g. when eating, during breaks or on the go).


New forms of communal entertainment are emerging, driven primarily by the youngest generation. Large gaming worlds such as Fortnite, Roblox or Minecraft play a special role.


The entertainment industry is in a fundamental upheaval from the one-to-many to the many-to-many principle. Today, every individual can become a content creator or entertainer themselves.

“In order to master major societal challenges, you need more than just good ones
information, but also good entertainment.” 

Prof. Dr. Anne Bartsch

After all, entertainment is becoming more and more open and participatory, successful formats focus on interaction and user-generated content. These are also becoming more frequently cross-channel and cross-format, with social media and future-oriented technologies and particularly driving this forward. In addition, the boundaries between "serious" and "entertaining" are increasingly disappearing, which becomes visible in the info, edu, or even poltainment categories.

Summarized, it can be said that entertainment is moving in the direction of meaning, and is about much more than just entertainment. It is important to develop resilience potential, because especially in times of constant crises, more and more importance should be attached to repositioning oneself and seizing the opportunities of entertainment.

The full study is here: Zukunftsinstitut 


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