Fashion statement: Best brands for sustainable bags

Environmentally friendly fashion is the new trend in the fashion cosmos. We show sustainable bag brands to round off the perfect fashion outfit

Sustainable bags from Loewe
Source & Copyright by LOEWE

Author: Freya Mathiesssen

Whether clutch, shopper or pochette - sustainable bags are a must-have for the perfect fashion Outfit. Finding a beautiful piece that is produced in an environmentally, animal and human-friendly way has long been a challenge. Due to current developments in the fashion industry, there is now good news: More and more Luxury labels recognize the value that customers attach to fairness and transparency.

These respond directly to the demand for high-quality trendy bags that are manufactured in compliance with sustainability principles. Be it one Vegan Alternative or it-pieces made from recycled materials, these sustainable bags meet every aesthetic and design requirement and can easily compete with their less sustainable predecessors. Gone are the days when bags that weren't made leather insist, just look like plastic.

These are our top brands for sustainable bags

  1. Loewe
  2. DeMellier
  3. Kayu
  4. Jerome Studio
  5. Paradise Row
  6. JW PEIMore



The Spanish fashion company LOEWE, which belongs to the luxury goods group LVMH, produces high-end bags with respect for the environment and people. To this end, both waste and emissions in production - which are organized according to moral and ethical values ​​towards the workers - are reduced and resources are spared in order to protect biodiversity. Refinement, craftsmanship, aesthetics and sustainability are combined here in every luxury bag.

Ethical highlight: ISO 14001 certificate as well official declaration of sustainability der Brand

Where to Buy: In-house Online-Shop as well as Net-a-Porter or SSENSE

lion bag

Source & Copyright by LOEWE

2. DeMellier

For every bag sold, DeMellier, in partnership with the SOS Children's Villages Orphan Organization, funds vaccines and treatments that improve the lives of children in countries like Somalia and Zambia. All bags are handmade by local artisans in southern Spain. By the way, Meghan Markle is a huge fan of these elegant fair trade bags.

Ethical highlight: Support of local communities and production of masks during COVID-19

Where to Buy: In-house Online-Shop and Saks Fifth Avenue

3. Wood

The Californian company uses locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials such as natural straw, sustainable bowls and recycled wood, while doing without mass-produced designs. Instead, it cooperates with traditional artisans in the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Particular attention is paid to the promotion and empowerment of women.

Ethical highlight: production from organic straw, zero waste through upcycling and women's empowerment

Where to Buy: In-house Online-Shop and Net-a-porter

sustainable bags

Source & Copyright by Kayu Bags

4. Jerome Studio

The Berlin label produces fair trade bags in a German manufacturer that produces in an environmentally friendly manner and at the highest technological level. Jérome Studio offers luxury leather bags made from a 100% sustainable olive leaf tannin.

Ethical highlight: vegetable-tanned leather and no plastic

Where to Buy: In-house Online-Shop

jerome studio

Source & Copyright by Jerome Studio

5. Paradise Row

The London label Paradise Row produces sustainable handbags, made by local artisans in East London. This not only preserves craftsmanship. At the same time, Paradise Row also promotes the social and cultural conditions in this environment. The bags are made of high quality and vegetable tanned. Gold fittings are a trademark of this fair trade bag label.

Ethical highlight: creating job opportunities and maintaining local craftsmanship

Where to Buy: In-house Online-Shop


The US label JW PEI sells vegan designer bags that not only score with their fair production, but also with their trend-setting design. No wonder they are particularly popular on Instagram and inspire media savvy millennials. An additional plus: 10% of the proceeds per bag go to animal shelters all over the world.

Ethical highlight: Social commitment during COVID-19 and the use of vegan leather and recycled plastic

Where to Buy: In-house online shop and pre-loved at Vestiaire Collective


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