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Talking to Julius Eulberg: founder of Julisis, pioneer of clean beauty and alchemist for a natural & healthy glow

Interview with Julius Eulberg, Founder Julisis

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Author: House of Eden

Julisis stands for skincare that is as gentle as it is effective, luxurious and organic. The Clean Beauty Brand implements these high standards by offering carefully manufactured, alchemical essences made from precious metals and stones and 100% organic medicinal plants. And from strictly controlled, mostly own cultivation in the Italian Alps. The valuable formulas stimulate the natural biorhythm and promote not only the natural beauty, but also the health of the skin. It's hard to believe that this mission started 20 years ago.

In an interview, Julisis founder Julius Eulberg reveals how he became a pioneer and how he managed to anticipate the modern rules of the industry so early on. Our learning: Traditional approaches of the past can be used boldly and disruptively to positively influence the future.

Julius Julisis

Source & Copyright by Sebastien Micke

"When people eat organic food and switch their diet to organic or animal-free while smearing silicones on their skin, something is wrong. It's all a matter of awareness."

What inspired you to found Julisis? Is there a special meaning behind the name?

In 2000 there was no luxury care in the organic sector. Everything that was "organic" came in ugly packaging. The consistencies of the products were also heavy and oily. Enough incentive for me to change that.

Julisis came from my name, Julius, and Isis. Isis is the tutelary goddess of alchemists, pharmacists, magicians and scientists. And thus also the patron saint of Julisis.

You have stood for clean beauty for over 20 years - before the movement was en vogue. Why did you become a pioneer?

It was clear to me from the start that our resources are finite and we are wasting resources packaging with plastic and cardboard must therefore urgently be minimized. Since we have been implementing this knowledge since our launch and do not wrap our outer packaging in cellophane, we had to do without orders in the upscale trade at the time.

I have always found our credo, to put only what is edible on the skin, logical. It was currently assumed that the toxic substances in many cosmetics end up in the bloodstream - today this can be technically determined. It takes between 3 and 5 minutes for toxic substances to penetrate the skin barrier.

When I believe in something, there is no turning back for me. Even if the beginning was pure hell. Many thought I was crazy. That's true too - "crazy" on another level.

Was it only a matter of time before Clean Beauty conquered the cosmetics industry - at least in the luxury segment?

When people eat organic foods and switch their diet to organic or animal-free while smearing silicones on their skin, something is wrong. It's all a matter of consciousness.


Medicinal Herb Garden / Source & Copyright by Julisis

Everyone stands somewhere else, but the awakening has begun comprehensively. We can see that in our ever-rising numbers. We have never been the rocket and rely on natural, organic growth: now available in 18 countries.

How do you rate this movement - do most brands keep what they promise and do they meet your sustainability standards?

No. The brands that Greenwashing operate are well-oiled marketing machines that use millions of budgets to fool customers with a green story. But, as I said, the awakening has begun, and consumers have become very critical.

For you, clean beauty means investing in your own health. Could you explain this idea a bit?

We now know that the interaction of environmental factors, toxins in household cleaning products and cosmetics can trigger cancer. Cancer rates worldwide are alarming. So you should start somewhere to protect your own health. Make-up, cosmetics and household cleaning products in general are a good starting point for this.

How does Julisis implement sustainability in its products?

Julisis works with quotas. Therefore, customers only receive some products with a delay. Their ingredients come from our own wild collection, which we have to control. And when a medicinal herb has finished harvesting, we have to wait until the herb can be harvested again. In general, we are very reluctant to buy from external suppliers because we cannot carry out adequate quality control with them.

What distinguishes your ingredients and your approach from other brands for natural cosmetics?

The fact that 75% of our ingredients come from our own cultivation is unique in itself. In addition, the entire production process is extremely complex because we even produce consistency enhancers such as glycerin ourselves: This is cooked for three weeks like a "soup" with blossoms, leaves, roots and stalks as juice enhancers. These are always different additions, so that the content of minerals, vitamins and phyto-essences varies.

That's why we never get used to it: Julisis products constantly stimulate the skin cells. True to our motto, we activate and stimulate the skin's internal functions without overfeeding the skin, which is common for competitors. In the long term, the skin functions tire as a result.


37.5 degree tempered octagonal greenhouse / Source & Copyright by Julisis

All of our ingredients are exposed to the elements and planets in an octagonal glass house and heated to 37.5 degrees. Among other things, to increase absorption and to keep the allergy rate (almost 0 here) to a minimum. Having your own oil press is also wonderful for producing really fresh oils. We cold press the seed oils and seal them right after an hour. This means that the "bioavailability" (bioavailability = proportion of an active ingredient that is available unchanged in the bloodstream) is enormous. A visual comparison: A freshly squeezed juice versus pasteurized juices from the shelf.

Julisis works with alchemical processes - what exactly does that mean?

In our case, this means that even the cultivation of medicinal plants follows strict rules: no fertilizers, no insecticides. Harvesting is done by hand, not by machine. Drying is also gentle, on stretched silk towels. The plant material is then prepared, fermented, rested, stirred and played with solfeggio frequencies (528hz) during production. We know that liquids absorb vibrations - so through our process, the healing frequencies reach and enter our body.

Your products contain gold and silver. Where did this approach come from?

Unlike the many companies that have copied us over the years, we don't use colloidal gold or silver, or mini gold flakes that just glitter. Our alchemical drinking gold is produced in a lengthy process based on the Paracelsus formulas. This is the only cell-accessible form. At the beginning there is a pure nugget of gold, which is processed alchemically. Our precious metals therefore contain no particles, only the pure essence. These also have a great effect on acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other skin disorders.

How does Julisis support clients to practice self-care, -confidence and -love?

Our motto is: "Honour yourself", "Honor Yourself". We recommend our customers to perform a kind of ritual every morning. Completely undisturbed, because this is the only way to enjoy the wonderful essences, breathe in and consciously increase the effect. 5 minutes are enough, which you only devote to yourself. In my personal consultations, I always advise meditations as well yoga techniquesto strive for the harmonization of mind-body-spirit.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Use as little makeup as possible. And if so, then make-up that is relatively clean - 100% does not exist. In the evening, this must be cleaned off with water. Julisis achieves results after 4 to 6 weeks and promotes the most beautiful and healthy skin of its customers. This minimizes the use of make-up because the skin can radiate naturally.

In general, washing the skin is extremely important. In our industrial age, there are micro-pollutants in the air that settle on the skin and encapsulate it. These cannot be removed with either washing creams or oils. Only clean skin can be healthy skin...

Thank you for the interview, dear Julius!


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