Sustainable fashion: Timeless & limited collections redefine value

New impulses: How Liapure Design Studio meets modern demands for sustainable fashion, quality and luxury with timeless essentials

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Buzzwords such as sustainable fashion, material innovation, transparency and locality determine the agenda of the fashion industry. Especially in the luxury segment. That is why they are considered a status symbol as well as a sales argument and differentiator. In short: sustainability is not only important, but also en vogue. And yet the industry is still one of the strongest emitters, damaging ecosystems and violating human rights. The reasons? Greenwashing instead of credible commitment, trend orientation instead of timelessness and throwaway mentality instead of longevity. Both companies and consumers contribute to the reproduction of the harmful fashion system through overproduction and excessive consumption.

So what's the right approach when you work in an industry that has become one of the most polluting in the world? This is exactly the question Leonie Isabel Appels asked herself after completing her fashion studies. And found a forward-looking answer: found your own label that challenges the status quo instead of manifesting it. A label that makes a statement against uninspired trends and copies by bringing back appreciation and craftsmanship. Ultimately, fashion denotes snapshots of a process of continuous social change. Which means that the system is dynamic and can be transformed through sustainable innovation, a conscious mindset and visionary labels. Labels like Liapure Design Studio.


Source & Copyright by Liapure / Liapure Essentials

These Criteria Define Sustainable Fashion

But what criteria do brands have to meet today in order to actually describe themselves as sustainable in an oversaturated market that thrives on aggressive marketing? After all, temporary commitments or commitments that are limited to just one area are no longer sufficient. Biodegradable substances alone do not make a valuable contribution to environmental protection if they are processed in drastic quantities for trend-oriented disposable goods. Sustainability is a multifaceted, holistic principle. Why the minimum requirements of this checklist should not be ignored by consumers or companies:

  • Local production - independent of radically low price policies abroad
  • Conservation of resources and environmentally friendly sourcing
  • Use of natural and innovative materials
  • Sustainable processing of the materials (dyeing etc.)
  • Short transport routes
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Control of supply chains
  • Fair working conditions and pay
  • Approaches for effective end-of-life management (durability, repair, recycling, etc.)

Liapure Design Studio: One label, two collections for every occasion

The fashion label Liapure Design Studio, founded in 2019, is based on two collections: Liapure Essentials and Liapure Atelier. For Liapure Essentials, quality and timelessness are the focus. And regardless of the season. In order to implement this, complexly developed fits and sophisticated cuts meet a simple, elegant, authentic design aesthetic. Each piece in the collection consists of natural fibers in neutral tones. The special feature: The fabrics are explicitly dyed for the brand according to the specifications of four Pantone colors - cream white, beige, dark blue and black.

Liapure_Crewneck Rib Tee_creme_135,-_editorial6

Source & Copyright by Liapure Design Studio / Liapure Essentials

Whether monochrome look or mix and match - the coordinated color palette and clean design language of the essentials make them the perfect fit for every occasion. The Munich label offers conscious consumers the opportunity to gradually create a harmonious capsule wardrobe , which can be combined in many ways. With high standards of sustainable fashion, Liapure helps consumers to develop an individual style and a sense of real value. Instead of giving in to the hysterical consumer culture of the fashion system.

The complementary contrast: Liapure Atelier. A collection handmade in Bavaria that appears twice a year in a very limited edition and varies from season to season. The current Spring Summer 2023 Atelier Collection is a homage to femininity: Elaborate lace details, flowing silk and robust linen combine playfulness and sophistication. True to the brand's philosophy, this mix of structures and fabrics shines in muted colors, including powder tones, creamy white and mauve. In addition, the models can be individually customized in terms of color and size. In this way, the label guarantees that the pieces actually please, fit or can even be adapted by the next generation.

Quality at the Interface of Sustainability and Ethics

In order not only to give consumers a better choice, but also to sharpen their mindset, the company works transparently. In this way, they can understand important details - from the sustainability of the fabrics to the production sites and the conditions within the manufactories. And find out: All fabrics, the yarn and various haberdashery such as buttons are selected according to strict criteria. What a sustainable brand means is that they are made from natural materials and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. At Liapure, these materials include OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS-certified jersey, biodegradable and recyclable lyocell, and tencel, modal and certified extrafine merino wool. In addition to their sustainable qualities, they score points because they are skin-friendly, breathable and therefore cross-seasonal, robust and durable.

Liapure_SS23 Long Top Edit01-2

Source & Copyright by Liapure / Liapure Atelier

In addition, the label meets high sustainable and ethical standards through close cooperation with local manufacturers in Germany, Italy and Portugal. These work at the interface of fairness, environmental protection and innovation. More specifically, they ensure compliance with fair working conditions, reduce emissions and develop recyclable materials. However, what is particularly worth mentioning is the added value that small, local manufacturers bring to young fashion brands in particular. They make it possible to produce even in very small minimum order quantities and thus to produce in line with demand.

Sustainable Fashion Proves: All You Need is Less

Labels like Liapure make a valuable contribution to realigning the fashion industry's goals for a sustainable future. On the one hand, quality and timeless design are important tools to strengthen the appreciation of fashion. On the other hand, a label for sustainable fashion is now much more than a business model, but a way to inspire the entire industry and cause an impactful rethink. Sustainability, innovation and the constant will to improve must replace rigid structures. Together with an individual design aesthetic, these values ​​define the new Luxury and set brands apart from their competition today and in the future.


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