Corporate Social Responsibility: Top Sustainable Companies 2020

Again this year, companies worldwide were ranked in terms of their CSR. Denmark leads the field of sustainable business practices in the CSR Ranking 2020

Corporate social responsibility, CSR 2020

Author: Julia Schindler

In order to establish itself as a strong and competitive company in the long term, companies must respond to customer needs as well as social, political and environmental trends. Given the acute threat to resources and environmentally harmful practices in relevant industries, sustainability is also an issue in the corporate world. This makes corporate social responsibility not just the future of many companies, but a must have. Here you will find the results of the CSR 2020 ranking of all international companies.

Corporate social responsibility as the standard for sustainability

This year the Canadian financial information company and magazine “Corporate Knights” have a CSR 2020 Ranking of organizations that incorporate the most sustainable practices into their corporate philosophy. The ranking of companies with annual sales of more than USD 1 billion is based on their corporate social responsibility - a focus on products and services for the benefit of people and the environment. The evaluation of these is based on 21 performance indicators (KPIs). Since 2019, revenues from the areas of clean transition, CO2 reduction and circular economy have been weighted with 50%. Here comes the follow-up of the last year.

Top companies in the CSR 2020 ranking

  1. Ørsted A / S (Denmark)
  2. Chr. Hansen Holding A / S (Denmark)
  3. Neste Oyi (Finland)
  4. Cisco Systems Inc. (United States)
  5. Autodesk Inc. (United States)
  6. Novozymes A / S (Denmark)
  7. ING Groep NV (The Netherlands)
  8. Enel SpA (Italy)
  9. Banco de Brasil SA (Brazil)
  10. Algonquin Power & Utilities Group (Canada)

Ørsted A / S: The prime example of sustainable corporate practices

The Danish service provider for renewable energies is the first electricity company to win first place. The reason for this is the modification of the business model in the course of the last decade and especially in the past years: In 2018 Ørsted A / S was still 70th. For this success, the company developed from coal-intensive to renewable energy production. The urgency to respond to climate change served as an impetus for setting environmental sustainability as a priority for the company, said CEO and President Henrik Poulsen.

To do this, it renounced fossil fuels and invested in offshore wind farms that reduce carbon emissions by 83%. These are currently being used to supply 13 million people with green energy - by 2030 the figure is expected to reach 50 million. Another 20 sustainability programs of the group include, for example, a decarbonization initiative and other measures for climate change.

csr 2020

Source & Copyright by Ørsted

These German companies made it into the CSR ranking

This year 5 German groups made it into the top 100 of the Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking 2020: Osram (11th place), Siemens (41st place), Adidas (55th place), Commerzbank (59th place), BASF (87th place). A lot has changed compared to last year.

Germany's top proudly forms Osram Licht AG in 11th place. It has catapulted itself from 77th place to the top 20. Commerzbank was represented last year, but was able to occupy 59th place this year and thus rose by 7 ranks. In addition, Adidas AG is in 55th place, an impressive 29 ranks higher than last year. Siemens has deteriorated in the ranking and is now ranked 41st (28th in 2019). BASF SE is a newcomer and qualified directly for 87th place in the Top 100.



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