Soap sachets: A guide to foamy washing and gentle exfoliation

Everything about the use, care and production of soap bags: They enable an optimal showering experience and at the same time protect the environment

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Soap bags, also known as soap nets, are not only practical accessories for the shower, but also extremely pleasant and functional, especially when combined with the use of one bar of soap. The days of slippery soap trays are over - soap bags present themselves as a sustainable alternative to conventional soap dishes and holders, be it in the bathroom at home or on travelling. With a soap bag, the soap can be easily stored and transported. These practical bags can be purchased or easily sewn yourself. A bag filled with soap can also be an excellent gift.

The article at a glance:

Environmentally friendly storage and use of soaps with soap bags

A soap bag is a small mesh or fabric bag that is used to store and use soap or soap residue. It is usually made of natural materials such as cotton, jute or sisal. Ideally, these fabric nets are 100 percent plastic-free, vegan and free of additives such as aluminum, ethyl alcohol, parabens, silicones and sulfates. This makes them an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. The fabric of the bags has a fine structure that makes it easier to foam the soap. A cord at the opening allows soap bars to be easily inserted and removed.

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A soap bag filled with soap can be hung over the sink or in the shower, allowing the water to drip off and the soap to air dry. If you use it not just for storage, the structure of the soap bag makes it comfortable to massage and peel gently.

Soap net: The sustainable solution for environmentally conscious care

Using a soap sachet requires the use of solid soap, which is an environmentally conscious and one of the sustainable everyday choices that can be implemented by anyone. Not only are these bags practical, they also provide a hygienic solution for storing soap bars, preventing them from smudging or slipping on soft surfaces. Their reusability contributes to reducing waste and makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic soap dishes or disposable plastic bags.

Additionally, the nets allow efficient use of soap residue that might otherwise go to waste. By refilling the soap bag with new soap, the small remaining bar of soap can be used up gradually with the new bar, resulting in less soap waste.

Foamy washing and gentle peeling: the versatility of the soap sachet

Using a soap bag is extremely simple: simply place the bar of soap in the net, close the closure and massage the bag under water to create a rich foam experience. Alternatively, the bag can be rubbed directly over the skin or with a washcloth to apply the soap this way. Even the smallest soap residues develop their full foaming power.

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Thanks to its slightly rough surface, depending on the material, the soap bag also offers a pleasant peeling or massage effect so the skin is pampered. This gentle abrasion removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and leaves the skin feeling pleasantly refreshed.

Buy soap bags - The 10 best suppliers

Nowadays, numerous companies have recognized the importance of sustainable care products and offer a variety of high-quality soap sachets. Below you will find a carefully compiled list of renowned brands that stand out for their excellent quality and environmentally friendly approach:

CompaniesPriceBusiness locationmaterial
Foamy1,99€Munich, Germany100% cotton
ASAVO3,50€Pliening, GermanyNylon (BPA-free)
DR. BRONNER'S2.99€Hamburg, Germany100% sisal
everdrop4,99€Munich, Germany100% organic cotton
CHILD OF ROSY3,95€Stutensee, GermanyBag: 60% Sisal & 40% Cotton; Cord: 100% cotton
OMAKA3,99€Sandesneben, GermanySisal
puremetics3,95€Isernhagen, Germany100% natural jute with cotton loop and wooden ball
Hopery4,10€Würzburg, Germanycotton
EcoYou4,90€Berlin, Germany75% sisal fiber and 25% cotton
hydrophilic3,90€Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany100% sisal

DIY instructions for a homemade soap bag

Creative minds with craftsmanship have the opportunity to sew, crochet or knit soap bags themselves. Instructions for making such a bag can be found here:

soap bag

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Sewing instructions:

So that the soap in the soap bag can dry optimally and retain its pleasant consistency, we recommend using a particularly light fabric with a net-like structure. Since such substances are often used as packaging material and only a small amount is needed for the soap bag, this is a great option for Upcycling. Old laundry nets, terry cloth rags or holey towels are ideal for this DIY project. These materials not only feel comfortable on the skin, but also provide a light exfoliating experience.


  • Some fabric
  • Approx. 15cm cord or cord
  • A scissors
  • Some pins
  • A needle
  • Some thread

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut a rectangle out of the fabric. The rectangle should be large enough to wrap a bar of soap into it. Leave about two centimeters on the top edge and add a one centimeter seam allowance all the way around.
  2. Fold over a centimeter at the top edge and secure it with pins. Sew along the hem to create a tunnel through which the hanging string will later be threaded.
  3. Fold the fabric so that the side and bottom edges line up.
  4. Now sew the bag together on the side and bottom.
  5. Turn the soap bag right side out.
  6. Thread the string and tie a knot from the ends. Complete!

With these simple instructions you can create an individual, homemade soap bag that is not only functional, but also offers a sustainable and creative solution for storing soap.

Soap bags

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Care tips: This is how they stay clean and hygienic!

To ensure that a soap bag always remains clean and hygienic, it is important to wash it regularly. This can be done in the washing machine at a temperature of 30°C, although higher temperatures should be avoided as they can affect the surface of the fabric. Before the washing, it is important to ensure that there are no small pieces of soap left in the bag to prevent the washing machine from foaming over. The use of fabric softener should also be avoided as this could also affect the structure of the bag. After washing, it is advisable to let the bag air dry to ensure a long service life.

Soap bag

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Sustainable lifestyle: The positive contribution of soap bags to the environment

Soap bags not only prove to be extremely practical, but also environmentally friendlyand sustainable. If you have not yet used solid soap and therefore do not use a soap sachet, it would be advisable to switch to this alternative quickly. Using a soap bag actively contributes to reducing waste and sustainably protecting the environment. With this small change, take a significant step towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.


Why soap bags?

Soap bags offer a sustainable alternative to conventional soap dishes and holders, are practical to use and protect the environment thanks to their reusability.

How do you use a soap sachet?

A soap bag is simply filled with a bar of soap and applied to the skin or a washcloth. When used directly on the skin, the structure of the bag provides a pleasant massage and gentle peeling.

How hygienic are soap bags?

Soap bags ensure hygienic use because they are made of materials that are easy to clean. If necessary, they can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C.


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