Sustainable baby gifts: environmental awareness for childhood

Sustainable baby gifts are perfect for making parents and babies happy while protecting the environment

Sustainable baby gifts
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In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, it is time to rethink how you choose baby gifts. In this way, you immediately convey to the young people the importance of sustainable action. Traditional gifts may be sweet and cute, but they often come with a less charming side: a high environmental impact.

The disadvantages of conventional baby gifts

Many traditional baby gifts are made from materials that are anything but environmentally friendly. From plastic toys to chemical-treated textiles, these gifts can not only harm the environment but also affect the baby's health. These include, for example, certain plastics, dyes and plasticizers. In addition, these products are very short-lived and break down quickly, which also has a negative impact on the ecological footprint. The short-term joy that conventional baby gifts bring is often disproportionate to the long-term effects on our world.

Sustainable materials for baby gifts

Sustainable baby gifts, on the other hand, rely on environmentally friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices. Organic cotton, wood or bamboo are just a few examples of materials used in the production of sustainable gifts. These materials are suitable for both the environment and the baby who holds them:

  • Merino wool: Merino wool from sustainable production is temperature-regulating, breathable and soft. It is good for warm baby clothes and blankets.
  • Cork: Cork is a versatile and sustainable material that is well suited for various baby products. No trees need to be felled to produce this material, as it consists only of the bark of the cork oak.
  • Wood: Wooden toys are a safe and natural option for babies. Make sure it is sanded smoothly and has no sharp edges or small parts that could be swallowed. Certified wood is also important because it does not contain any harmful substances.
  • Organic cotton: Organic cotton is soft, breathable and free of harmful chemicals. It is good for baby clothes, blankets and cuddly toys.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo fiber is also an environmentally friendly option because the plant grows back particularly quickly. It is also very soft, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Recycled Materials: To keep the CO2 footprint of products as low as possible, many companies rely on recycled materials.

Sustainable baby gifts: Our top 13

These sustainable gifts are suitable for birth:

1. Touch books

Touch books awaken babies' curiosity. This is how the little ones come into contact with books for the first time. Kakadu, for example, uses fairly and socially produced materials with 100% organic cotton in their Touch books.

Feeling books

Source & Copyright: Kakadu

2. Blanket

A blanket made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton provides security and supports an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The Blanket from Emma and Noah is made of organic cotton and is also vegan and has the Oekotex Standard 100 seal.


Source & Copyright: Emma and Noah

3. Sustainable toys

Compact items that make the baby's time outside a little more enjoyable are particularly suitable for trips. The Liewood Mill is suitable, for example, for a trip to the water. The company relies on recycled and recyclable materials as well as certified wood in its production.

Liewood Muehle

Source & Copyright: Liewood


4. Gripping ball

A gripping ball promotes the baby's fine motor skills and ensures curiosity with exciting shapes. Mushie, for example, offers one Gripping Ball made of CE-certified, food-safe silicone. In addition, the company relies on manufacturing that is as sustainable as possible and avoiding chemical colors.

Mushie gripping ball

Source & Copyright: Mushie

5. Carrying aids

In order to make parenting time a little easier not only for the baby, but also for the parents, baby carriers that protect the back are suitable. ERGObaby for example, relies on recycled material in its production, certified according to the Global Recycled Standard. Thanks to its high adaptability, the carrier can also grow with the baby and be used for a long time.

Wear Ergobaby

Source & Copyright: Ergobaby

6. Bib

To keep the baby's clothes clean for as long as possible, you can tie a bib around the little ones at the table. The Bib from Casimir also covers the child's arms, so you can save a few loads of washing in favor of water consumption. In addition, the product is made of OEKOTEX certified cotton.

Little Casimir terry cloth

Source & Copyright: Little Casimir

7. Heat animals

Warming animals filled with natural grains or biodegradable materials provide cozy warmth and are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hot water bottles. The Warming animals from Pat and Patty are GOTS certified and made of 100% cotton Made in Germany.

Warm animal

Source & Copyright: Pat and Patty

8. Care products

Environmentally friendly care products are particularly suitable for babies as they are usually free of harmful ingredients. The Baby care from Baybies for example, it is certified natural cosmetics and vegan.

Babyies baby bath

Source & Copyright: baybies

9. Photo books

Sustainable photo books capture precious memories. This means parents have a souvenir of the time when the baby was born.

The Papperie photo book

Source & Copyright: Die Papperie

10. Wool diapers

Wool diapers are not only economically and health-wise beneficial, but also ecologically sustainable. The wool diapers from Windelinge are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and organic merino wool.

Organic wool diaper

Source & Copyright: Windelinge

11. Nightlight

A so-called nightlight is suitable for encouraging babies to fall asleep. This means the baby feels less alone when there is no adult in the room. The nightlight from Artissima was handmade in Germany from oak wood. In addition, the company states that it pays attention to fair working conditions and certified raw materials.

Oak nightlight

Source & Copyright: Artissima

12. Sustainable children's cutlery

There are now also some brands that use baby cutlery made from sustainably produced materials. The bamboo children's cutlery from Bambu for example, is certified organic and completely plastic-free.

Bambu children's cutlery

Source & Copyright: Bambu

13. Hammer board

Sustainable toys are free of harmful chemicals and are also made from responsibly sourced materials. This Hammerboard was made from sustainable cork and is naturally hypoallergenic and toxin-free.

Korko hammer board

Source & Copyright: Korko

Giving joy with sustainability

Sustainable baby gifts are more than just cute gifts - they are a loving investment in the future of the baby and our environment. Using eco-friendly materials protects baby's delicate skin from harmful chemicals, and also helps minimize our environmental footprint. At the same time, sustainable gifts put a smile on the face of parents who are happy about the conscious choice for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.


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