Water to go without rubbish - sustainable drinking bottles as cool everyday companions

Trendy and environmentally friendly: Sustainable drinking bottles made of stainless steel, glass and co. Are declaring war on plastic waste

Sustainable drinking bottles
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Author: Talisa Moser

Almost 2 million plastic bottles end up in the garbage every hour in Germany. Calculated over a year, that equates to more than 16 billion unnecessary single-use packaging, a large number of which are not properly disposed of and reused, but end up in nature over time. So it is high time that something changed: With sustainable drinking bottles made of glass, metal and Co.

Sustainable drinking bottles made from environmentally friendly materials not only look great, they also make an important contribution to environmental protection and your own health. Read here how you can reduce your own plastic consumption through reusable products, what advantages reusable drinking bottles have and which brands offer the most beautiful drinking bottles.

What is it that defines sustainable drinking bottles?

Reusable drinking bottles save all rubbish by using disposable plastic bottles, but what exactly makes a drinking bottle sustainable? Here are the most important criteria:

  • Pollutant free: A sustainable drinking bottle, for example, does not contain any plasticizers, as is the case in plastic bottles
  • Easy cleaning: So you can enjoy it for longer and you can safely reuse it for a long time
  • Weight: Light weight is important so that you can take it with you. So it is as light as possible
  • Capacity: The more you can fit into the drinking bottle, the less often it has to be refilled or a disposable bottle has to be bought - therefore a capacity of at least half a liter makes sense
  • Spare Parts: Choose manufacturers who also offer spare parts such as seals or lids for the bottle. Easy to repair in the event of a defect
  • Sustainable materials: This includes, for example, glass or stainless steel. Aluminum, on the other hand, is less environmentally friendly due to the high energy consumption in production
  • Fair production: Sustainable brands produce their drinking bottles ecologically and pay attention to ethical working conditions

That is why reusable and sustainable drinking bottles are a must-have for 2021

  • You save a lot of waste by using refillable drinking bottles, because single-use plastic products are a thing of the past
  • There are no harmful chemicals such as synthetic hard or plasticizers in sustainable drinking bottles
  • There is no need to buy water because you can refill the bottle with clean drinking water at any time and almost anywhere
  • You save a lot of CO2 if you do not buy single-use plastic. Otherwise this would be produced by unnecessary transport
  • By reusing bottles, you prevent the waste of raw materials such as petroleum and water
  • Refilling is significantly cheaper than water from the supermarket, because all you have to do is purchase a good drinking bottle
  • The energy consumption for plastic bottles due to production, transport and recycling is much higher than the one-off production of reusable bottles

The 10 best brands for sustainable drinking bottles

To-go water bottles are now available almost everywhere. We have selected the 10 most beautiful drinking bottles for you:

  1. Soul Bottles
  2. 24 bottles
  3. double
  4. Avoid waste
  5. Forrest & Love
  6. Klaen Kanteen
  7. doli
  8. FLSK
  9. Carry bottles
  10. Earth In Canteen

1. Soul Bottles

Soul Bottles from Berlin produces 100% plastic-free glass drinking bottles. The bottles are leak-proof and dishwasher-safe and come in a wide variety of designs. Soulbottles produces its products in a fair, climate-neutral and pollutant-free manner - and according to the manufacturer, as locally as possible.

2. 24 bottles

The Italian design brand 24Bottles wants to reduce waste in a stylish and elegant way with its stainless steel drinking bottles: The bottles are available in different designs and sizes. They are light and easy to clean.

3. Double

The drinking bottles from double are bottle and mug at the same time. They are largely made of stainless steel and the thermoplastic BPA-free plastic Tritan. It is tasteless and odorless, heat-resistant and unbreakable as well as dishwasher-safe - and also ultra-light. The drinking bottles are responsibly made in China.

4. Avoid waste

Avoid waste from Hanover manufactures sustainable everyday helpers that support you in reducing your own plastic consumption. The stainless steel drinking bottles keep drinks warm or cold and are available in two sizes. A thin silicone mat on the floor ensures a safe stand on the desk, the floor or the counter. The bamboo lid is not only environmentally friendly, it also looks really chic.

5. Forrest & Love

Drinking bottles made of copper are a real eye-catcher. The antibacterial material is also robust and will last a lifetime. The Munich label has these advantages Forrest & Love made their own and produces innovative bottles and mugs from the shiny material. The products are also coated with a food-safe paint and are easy to clean. The copper drinking bottles are hand-made in India.

6. Klaen Kanteen

The US brand Klaen Kanteen has been offering non-toxic alternatives for everyday life since 2004. The company launched the world's first BPA-free reusable stainless steel drinking bottle. Today the bottles have almost achieved cult status. They are available in different sizes, colors and designs.

7. Doli

doli from Düsseldorf would like to ban mass plastic products from our lives. The glass drinking bottles are convincing both in terms of design and functionality. The robust glass is protected by a silicone cover. The 0,5 or 1 liter bottles are impermeable to carbon dioxide, can withstand warm temperatures and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


FLSK stands for minimalist design and simple, practical everyday companions. The stainless steel drinking bottles are free from harmful substances and keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 18 hours. The Munich label wants to make a difference with its sustainable products.

9. Carry bottles

One key challenge is Carry bottles are pretty and practical at the same time: The glass drinking bottles from the Berlin label of the same name are lovingly produced regionally and are dishwasher-safe and leak-proof. The screw cap made of wood makes the otherwise very simple bottle a real eye-catcher.

10. Earth In Canteen

Ceramic is one of the healthiest and most sustainable materials when it comes to food containers. The burned bottles of Earth in Canteen are non-toxic. They are handcrafted in California. The closure - a cork - is also biodegradable and a natural statement from the brand.

Everyone has to find the right bottle for themselves

To many, it seems impractical to take a stainless steel or glass drinking bottle with you: it means weight in the bag and cannot simply be thrown away when it is empty to free up space in the luggage. Therefore everyone should choose the right size for their needs.

Drinking bottles must be cleaned regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to avoid the formation of mold or algae in the bottle. Most models can be cleaned easily and practically in the dishwasher.

Reusable bottles are an easy way to avoid plastic waste in everyday life. They put you in a good mood with a variety of designs and can even motivate you to drink. In addition, by doing without plastic bottles, you are also doing something good for your body by stopping adding harmful substances to it.


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