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Dishwasher tabs without plastic -

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Conventional dishwasher tablets not only cause unnecessary plastic waste, they also contain questionable chemicals that pollute our environment. Sustainable dishwasher tablets not only actively contribute to reducing environmental impact, they are also a practical solution for hygienic cleanliness and a radiant shine.

Problem: Chemicals in conventional dishwasher tablets

Conventional dishwasher tabs are not sustainable. On the one hand, they will be in plastic wrap packaged and also contain chemical ingredients.

The single dishwasher tabs are sealed airtight with plastic to protect the tabs from heat and moisture so that they last longer. They must be unpacked before use and the plastic packaging ends up in the trash, leading to unnecessary plastic waste.

The cleaning ability of the tabs is based on a number of environmentally harmful chemicals. Dishwasher tablets often contain, for example phosphate, chlorine, bleach, preservatives, fragrances, chemical surfactants and benzotriazole. The latter is particularly toxic to aquatic organisms and is even suspected of damaging the hormonal system and reducing reproductive capacity. When dishwasher tablets are used, these chemicals end up in the wastewater, pass through waterworks and ultimately end up in rivers and streams.

Some conventional dishwasher tablets can also have a negative effect on the dishwasher, cutlery or dishes. This has additional environmental impacts as it means new purchases have to be made unnecessarily early.

What defines plastic-free dishwasher tablets?

More and more manufacturers of plastic-free dishwasher tablets are relying on natural raw materials that do not harm people or nature. They avoid harmful active ingredients and only use purely herbal active ingredients. There are dishwasher tabs in which the individual tabs are packaged in water-soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and those that are not individually packaged. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of dishwasher tablets without plastic:

Advantages of plastic-free dishwasher tablets

  • Environmentally friendly: Dishwasher tablets without plastic are more environmentally friendly as they reduce the amount of avoidable plastic waste and therefore protect the environment.
  • Equivalent cleaning performance: In most cases, environmentally friendly dishwasher tablets do just as good a cleaning job as conventional products with plastic packaging.
  • Sustainable packaging: Manufacturers of plastic-free dishwasher tablets usually use environmentally friendly packaging alternatives such as cardboard or paper.
  • Biodegradable: Most plastic-free dishwasher tablets are biodegradable or made from environmentally friendly materials, making them less harmful to the environment when disposed of.

Disadvantages of dishwasher tablets without plastic

  • Cost: Dishwasher tablets without plastic can tend to be more expensive than conventional products. This is due to the higher manufacturing costs for more environmentally friendly materials.
  • Selection and availability: The selection of dishwasher tabs without plastic is not as large as conventional tabs. In addition, depending on your location and where you shop, it may be more difficult to find plastic-free dishwasher tabs.
  • Longer durability: Because some products do not have plastic packaging, the tabs may be more sensitive to moisture and environmental influences, which may limit their shelf life.
  • Uncertainty - Water Soluble Packaging: Researchers around the world disagree about whether PVA is environmentally friendly or harmful. However, most people assume that the microorganisms in sewage treatment plants can completely break down the PVA, for example loudly NDR and consumer advice centre.

Buy dishwasher tabs without plastic:

There is a large selection of sustainable dishwasher tabs that are available in online shops as well as in drugstores and stores. Here are six brands whose plastic-free dishwasher tablets convince us:

  1. Ecover
  2. Love nature
  3. Clear
  4. So nice
  5. Oooh
  6. Everdrop

1. Ecover:

Ecover offers an environmentally conscious selection of dishwasher tablets, including one Zero variant without fragrances. The packaging is made of a combination of cardboard material and water-soluble film, which contributes to an environmentally friendly product. The price per piece is €0,23.

Dishwasher tabs without plastic - Ecover

Source & Copyright by Ecover

2. Love Nature:

The dishwasher tabs from Love nature are characterized by their plant-based ingredients. The company attaches great importance to transparency and provides clear information about the ingredients and their effects. The packaging is made of cardboard material and water-soluble film, and the price per dishwasher tab is €0,17.

Dishwasher tablets without plastic - Love Nature

Source & Copyright by Love Nature

3. Clear:

Clear Classic Tabs are dishwasher tabs that contain 78% natural ingredients and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. The packaging is made of environmentally friendly cardboard material and water-soluble film, all at a price of €0,20 per piece.

Dishwasher tabs without plastic - Claro

Source & Copyright by Claro

4th sonnet:

So nice offers sustainable dishwasher tabs without chlorine, phosphates and fragrances. All ingredients are biodegradable and the packaging is made of paper and water-soluble film. The cost per piece is €0,25.

Dishwasher tabs without plastic - Sonett

Source & Copyright by Sonnet

5. Ooohne:

The oowithout There are no tabs, just dishwasher powder in a stylish container. Normal dishwasher powders need around 20 g per wash cycle - tabs sometimes need even more. According to the manufacturer, with ooohne you can get by with 10 g per rinse. This means that 50% less chemicals end up in the water. The online provider also offers a 30-day return policy.

Oo without dishwashing powder

Source & Copyright by ooohne

6. Everdrop:

The dishwasher tabs from Everdrop are not only biodegradable, but also available in environmentally friendly paper packaging. The individual tabs are not additionally packaged. The company offers its plastic-free dishwasher tablets at a price of €0,31 per piece.

Dishwasher tablets without plastic - Everdrop

Source & Copyright by Everdrop

Plastic-free dishwasher tabs or DIY dishwasher powder

Choosing sustainable, plastic-free dishwasher tablets is not only a contribution to environmental protection, but also an opportunity to live a more conscious lifestyle. The market offers a growing selection of eco-friendly options for detergents and cosmeticsthat can meet your needs so you can make a sustainable choice. There is also the option of making your own dishwasher powder to further minimize your ecological footprint. All you have to do is mix washing soda, baking soda and citric acid together in a certain ratio.

FAQ about dishwasher tablets without plastic

Why are dishwasher tablets wrapped in plastic?

  • Dishwasher tablets are usually wrapped in plastic to protect them from moisture, air and other environmental influences that could affect the quality of the cleaning products. This ensures that the tabs retain their effectiveness and accurate dosage until they are used in the dishwasher.

Does the water-soluble film on dishwasher tabs contain microplastics?

  • The water-soluble film of dishwasher tabs generally does not contain any microplastics. These films are often made of special materials that dissolve in water and do not behave like traditional plastics. Most water-soluble films for dishwasher tabs are made from PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), a polymer that dissolves in water and is biodegradable. However, it is important to note that not all water-soluble films are created equal. It is therefore advisable to check the product information and packaging labels.

Which plastic-free dishwasher tablets are the best?

  • According to Stiftung Warentest, the best eco-product is the dish cleaner from the dm own brand Denkmit Nature. Stiftung Warentest tested around 2023 dishwasher tablets for their effectiveness in July 15. Among them were four eco-tabs that advertise natural ingredients and the Blue Angel environmental seal. The eco-tabs from Rossmann and Edeka also scored “good”.


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