Wrapping gifts sustainably: The best tips for sustainable wrapping paper

Nice gift giving without a guilty conscience? This is possible with sustainable wrapping paper! Discover our ecological designs and give your gifts a special touch.

Sustainable wrapping paper

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For birthdays, Christmas, special occasions: few things bring people as much joy as this Gifts. Of course, the presents should also look particularly pretty for these occasions. So it's usually a quick trip to the nearest drugstore to get the nicest wrapping paper possible. However, this type of packaging is often poisonous for our environment. But are there ways in which gifts can be wrapped sustainably? We show the best tips for sustainable wrapping paper!

Everything about sustainable wrapping paper at a glance:

Why should you choose sustainable wrapping paper?

As nice as wrapping paper may look, the colorful paper often comes with a less pretty side. Because conventional wrapping paper is bleached in an environmentally harmful way and colored with toxic substances. In addition, the paper is usually made from environmentally harmful forestry and is mixed with plastic, which also makes it not recyclable. However, the most environmentally unfriendly property of conventional wrapping paper is its life cycle: after the recipient has unpacked the present, most people end up throwing the paper straight into the trash. This results in an enormous consumption of raw materials. Of course, there are sustainable ways here too: Some companies or startups already produce wrapping paper that has less impact on the environment. Plus, it doesn't always have to be paper: beautiful Fabrics are also ideal if you want to wrap your gift sustainably.

sustainable wrapping paper

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Wrapping gifts sustainably: The best tips and tricks

But how do you wrap your gifts sustainably? We have the best tips and tricks for sustainable wrapping paper:

1. Newspapers are not just for reading

Newspaper is a real one Zero waste Classic when it comes to wrapping gifts without waste. For this you simply need old newspaper, sometimes you can even find beautiful pictures that are even more beautiful than wrapping paper. This way you can wrap your present without creating additional waste.

2. Wrap gifts with fabric

Wrapping gifts with fabric? That works! In Japan, gifts are traditionally presented in a so-called Furoshiki cloth packed. Using special techniques, a piece of fabric can be turned into beautiful wrapping paper. However, this technique is not absolutely necessary: ​​wrap your gift as usual with a piece of fabric and decorate your package a little. The result is a sustainably packaged gift where the packaging can be used again and again.

3. Sustainable wrapping paper made from environmentally friendly materials

Wrapping paper made from environmentally friendly materials may not be zero-waste, but it is definitely a more ethical alternative to conventional wrapping paper. Companies like Papydo, for example, rely on wrapping paper made from grass, while the German startup Dabelino relies on 100 percent recycled wrapping paper.

Sustainable wrapping paper

Source & Copyright by Papydo

4. Gift bags and boxes

With gift bags or boxes you not only give the gift itself, but also packaging for the next gift! This can be used again and again and is beautiful to look at every time.

5. Decorate gifts with flowers and branches

Plastic bows or gift ribbons are not a must: you can decorate gifts in a completely natural way with flowers and twigs. To do this, you can either take a walk in the forest or get the flowers from a regional florist. So if the sustainable wrapping paper doesn't look exciting enough, this problem can also be solved sustainably.

6. Sustainable wrapping paper with upcycling

You use the least amount of CO2 with the things you already own: Maybe there are old posters or maps in the basement that are no longer used? Be inspired by your inventory and get sustainable wrapping paper that also looks creative and individual.

Sustainable fabric wrapping paper: Furoshiki for beginners

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese fabric wrapping technique. With it you can pack any item in no time. All you need is a large square cloth, a traditional Japanese Furoshiki cloth measures 90 cm by 90 cm.

  1. Place the item diagonally in the center of the square.
  2. Now take two opposite corners of the fabric and bring them together in the middle.
  3. The other two corners are also knotted over the object so that the fabric encloses the entire object.
  4. Now you can readjust the fabric a little so that it sits firmly and looks good. The gift can then be decorated.

Sustainable wrapping paper

Small animals also make mess: Save on tape and adhesive strips

Especially when things have to be done quickly, the adhesive strip is a reliable helper. Unfortunately, these adhesive films in particular are very harmful to the environment: themselves recyclable paper becomes worthless when countless pieces of plastic stick to it. So try to avoid using adhesive films entirely and, ideally, separate them from the paper before disposing of them. Plastic ribbons may be just as pretty and helpful, but they are just as likely a source of more piles of trash. Instead, use decorations that are biodegradable or recycled and your gift will be sustainable from top to bottom.

Sustainable wrapping paper for tasteful giving

Sustainably packaged gifts are not only good for the environment, they also look beautiful and give every gift an individual touch. Of course, it all depends on the contents of the gift, but beautiful and lovingly decorated packaging will delight the recipient even more.


How can you wrap gifts sustainably?

Gifts can be wrapped sustainably by using recycled paper, fabrics or reusable boxes or bags.

What is sustainable wrapping paper?

Environmentally friendly wrapping paper is often recycled paper or paper with the FSC seal, which indicates sustainable forestry.

Why is wrapping paper not sustainable?

Wrapping paper is often unsustainable because it is made with difficult to recycle elements, chemicals and deforestation. It is also very short-lived because it is only used once.


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