Zero Waste Influencer - Our international top 6 and their insider tips

A life without waste - this is what the Zero Waste movement stands for. Even if it sounds almost impossible, everyone can make a contribution and reduce their own waste - and do something good for the environment

zero waste

Less waste in everyday life, that's what it stands for zero waste. That doesn't just mean not having your own Household garbage to produce, but it is also about the process towards being mindful and sustainable living. It's about the question of how you can live more consciously and improve your ecological footprint. Even small steps count. How it works? Our top international influencers reveal how it's done.


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Zero Waste Influencer - The Top 6 and their best tips:

  1. Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Home
  2. Anne-Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef
  3. Lauren Singer, Trash is for Tossers
  4. Kathryn Kellog, Going Zero Waste
  5. Madeleine Daria Alizadeh also known as Dariadaria
  6. Zero Waste Germany

1. Bea Johnson, @zerowastehome

Influencer Bea Johnson is considered the mother of the Zero Waste movement. Started in 2008 with a blog, she is now speaker, book author and consultant. With their free tool, users can easily find stores around the world that do not produce waste and live by Zero Waste principles.

Bea's tips for a more sustainable life: start small and use reusable water bottles and shopping containers, for example. In addition, avoid shopping in organic supermarkets and packaging for bulk goods.

2. Anne-Marie Bonneau, @zerowastechef

Most garbage is produced in the kitchen. That's why Anne-Marie 2011 decided to start right there and refrain from using plastic and other environmentally harmful packaging. Shortly thereafter, she was completely set on Zero Waste. On her blog, she regularly gives tips for a plastic-free life and, above all, shows how to do justice to Zero Waste. Recipes are also included.

Anne-Marie's tips to get you started: Food can also become waste. If possible, you compost it yourself or simply buy less of it so that there is no unnecessary food waste.

3. Lauren Singer, @trashisfortossers

Inspired by Bea Johnson, Lauren Singer is now considered one of the most well-known Zero Waster Influencers - not least because of her stir-eyed "One year rubbish in a mason jar" campaign. She is also the founder of the "Package Free Shop" in New York. In her blog she also gives tips and tricks for a Zero Waste life and shows how easy, cost-saving and fun it is.

Her tip: start saying no. No to plastic straws, no to receipts, no to plastic bags or other plastic utensils.

4. Kathryn Kellog, @

Kathryn began to care about a sustainable and conscious life when she discovered a benign tumor. She wondered what to do with yourself and your body and how to improve it. She therefore paid more attention to nutrition and the environment. She also avoided plastic in any form. In her blog she wants to help other people improve their health and also shows how to preserve the "health" of the earth.

Kathryn's Zero Waste tips that are easy to implement: Instead of a coffee machine, prefer one French Press instead of a plastic toothbrush, use one made of bamboo and instead of plastic Tupperware, glass jars. - Quite simple, right?

5. German-speaking pioneer, Madeleine Daria Alizadeh @dariadaria

There are also Zero Waste Influencers in German-speaking countries, which have achieved a pioneering role here. For example, the Viennese Madeleine Daria Alizadeh, who campaigns for a sustainable lifestyle without plastic on her blog DariaDaria and in her podcast "A mindful mess" and is particularly committed to fair trade fashion. Meanwhile, she has founded her own fashion label, which produces fair and sustainable.

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The last few days have been quite turbulent and also a bit crazy. But they were also one: strengthening. I did not expect so much news, encouragement and good encouragement - on the contrary, I had great respect for this step. You have been so tolerant, understanding and interested, that was just beautiful. I know that many have sent me thanks, but for me it is a great thank you. For the support, the support, the encouragement and your activism, on a small and a large scale. We are many and we want to be more ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ English: The last few days have been quite turbulent and so a bit crazy. But they were one thing: empowering. I did not expect so much encouragement and positive reactions - on the contrary, I had so much respect for becoming politically more engaged. You have been so tolerant, understanding and interested, that was just beautiful. I know that you have many thanks, but it is time to return the gratitude. I thank you deeply for the support, the encouragement and your activism, be it small or large scale. We are many and we want to be more ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo @jennandthecamera

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Daria's insider tip when it comes to zero waste: Use a so-called Guppyfriend washing bag when washing, which prevents microplastic particles from getting into the wastewater. And don't use a plastic razor for shaving, but one made of metal, a so-called safety razor.

6. Zero Waste Germany

Another German community forms that Zero Waste Germany. Here you can find out everything about zero waste, get suggestions and ideas and you can exchange ideas with like-minded people. Alternatives are shown and the latest zero waste products are presented. The nice thing is that you can not only exchange ideas with the two founders Hannah and Inga, but also with many like-minded people from the community.

One of the Basic Zero Waste tips of the founders: Local and regional shopping. At the weekly market, the products are unpacked and have little transport routes. In addition, it supports the farmers from the area. Extra tip: Try to use reusable products instead of disposable ones. Like a thermos mug instead of a to-go mug.


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