New European Bauhaus: The Green Deal for NextGenEU

The German Design Council is a partner of the “New European Bauhaus” - a creative, interdisciplinary initiative of the European Commission to promote sustainability

New European Bauhaus German Design Award
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Author: Julia Schindler

Europe is targeting to be climate neutral by 2050. The German Design Council is supporting this goal by partnering with "New European Bauhaus ". An EU-wide initiative of the European Commission, based on the historical model of the Bauhaus movement. As an interdisciplinary and creative project intending to generate ideas for a sustainable Europe.

New European Bauhaus was launched by Ursula von der Leyen in September 2020. The goal of the President of the EU Commission: The Union should be a pioneer in circular economy . "However, this is not just an ecological or economic project: It must also be a new cultural project for Europe," said von der Leyen in a official statement.

What does the New European Bauhaus want to achieve?

In order for Europe to achieve the goal of the European Green Deal by 2050 and become climate-neutral, New European Bauhaus is investigating ways, which can shape our way of life in future, by pursuing three basic values: "Sustainability, Aesthetics & Inclusiveness". This is how the initiative aims to connect art, culture, social Inclusion, science as well technology . Therefore, design and sustainability are being harmonised, in order to derive implications for a sustainable, inclusive, intellectual and emotionally appealing future.

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But what does "attractiveness" actually mean in future?

As part of the movement, attractiveness parameters of the future are being defined. These refer to the basic values ​​of the New European Bauhaus and want to enable diverse and sustainable ways of life:

  1. Inclusive, accessible spaces for dialogues between cultures, disciplines, genders and age groups
  2. Sustainable solutions for the dialogue between the built environment and ecosystems in order to promote resource recovery and protect biodiversity
  3. Enriching experiences at the interface of creativity, art and culture as well as appreciation of mutual learning

What role does cooperation play for the New Europan Bauhaus?

Most recently inclusion, diversity and general collaboration have been identified more and more as success factors. The New European Bauhaus wants to use this potential. In order to produce a sustainable Europe in the sense of the Green Deal, partner organisations should commit to one or more of the following ambitions:

  • Generating ideas for a sustainable society together with experts from various disciplines
  • Identify inspiring projects, practices, or concepts
  • Have conversations with citizens about their needs and expectations

New European Bauhaus x German Design Council

It is no wonder that the German Design Council positions itself as a cooperation partner. After all, the German Design Council is one of the leading competence centers for communication and knowledge transfer in the fields of design, branding, innovation and digitization. And also emphasizes the profit-generating potential of sustainability: "Sustainable design ensures long-term corporate success and is accessible to everyone," says CEO Lutz Dietzold in an interview.

As a partner of the New European Bauhaus, the German Design Council wants to contribute the expertise of its international network of companies, as well as experts from various industries and disciplines. Specifically, three projects are set to realise this future-oriented vision.

What's next?

The New European Bauhaus x German Design Council cooperation shows how relevant contemporary challenges are actively being addressed. It's about the commitment to shape a shared future. By promoting innovation, sustainability, inclusion and collaboration. In this way, the initiative not only inspires people to take their own action, but hopefully also creates even more productive projects.

More information will be available on May 12 at the online event "Shaping a sustainable world by design New European Bauhaus: beautiful - sustainable - inclusive". Register here.



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