The German Design Council celebrates its 70th anniversary

The international competence center for design celebrates its anniversary - and with it collaboration, talent promotion, innovation and sustainability

70 years of the German Design Council
Source & Copyright by Historical Photo Archive Council for Design / X. Triennale Milan 1954; German department, photograph: Anton Stankowski, 1954

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  • The German Design Council is celebrating its 70th anniversary
  • The foundation is celebrating 70 years of design culture and forward-looking impulses as part of the "Creating Community" event on June 22nd
  • The "one&twenty" newcomer award demonstrates ongoing commitment to positive change

The German Design Council has been contributing to communication, knowledge transfer, networking and promotion in all areas of the design process for 70 years now. As a leading international competence center, it has developed into a lobby for design-oriented companies during this time. This has given rise to countless initiatives, concepts and formats worldwide that combine design with business, science, culture and politics. And that's exactly what we have to celebrate now.

70 years of German Design Council, 70 years of design as a motor of positive change

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the foundation celebrates the transformative power of design in all areas of life, highlighting collaboration and interdisciplinary work as principles of the discipline. In accordance with this premise, she invites you to the "Creating Community" event. Among the participants are collectives and personalities who drive social and economic change through their work. They will reflect on current challenges and opportunities in the core areas of business, culture, science and education, and then present their visions for a more livable and fairer future.

This project reflects the paradigm shift of recent years: collaboration and cooperation replace classic competitive ideas. This is because teamwork, the bundling of many competencies and interdisciplinary work create effective synergies that produce scalable concepts and products. Solutions that are gaining more and more visibility and recognition in view of the urgent need for action on climate change. The German Design Council recognizes this development as a relevant process in order to achieve continuous and sustainable progress in the transformation of our society. The focus of the debate is thus clearly on how design can act as an agent of innovation and change.

Creating Community: Different perspectives, a design debate

The inclusive community idea runs through the entire event. Citizens, designers, entrepreneurs, cultural and artistic workers, students and anyone interested are cordially invited to take part in the celebrations. These will take place on Thursday, June 22, from 17 to 19:30 p.m. in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt. Admission free. The welcome will be delivered by visionary figures including David Kusuma, President of the World Design Organization, as well Lutz Dietzold, General Manager of the German Design Council, take place. The third German design debate "Creating Community" will then take place. The German Design Council is expecting some of the most inspiring personalities of our time. These will address the role of design from very different perspectives.

For example, Sunny Dolat (Creative Director & Product Designer) deals with design as an identity-forming task in Africa. In contrast, designer John Maeda works out the connecting aspects of AI, while Kate Crawford (publicist & scientist with a focus on AI) takes a critical look at the technology. In addition, it is about the future of design. Based on his many years of experience as one of the best-known product designers in the world, Hartmut Esslinger advocates a new design education and the Young Designers Circle of the World Design Organization (WDO) shares insights into the tasks of the younger generation. All speeches - whether in German or English - will be translated by simultaneous interpreters.

Afterwards, a reception offers the opportunity to have conversations and discussions over drinks and snacks.

one&twenty Newcomer Prize honors research spirit

What would 70 years of design history be without talent promotion? On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, the award ceremony for the international newcomer competition "one&twenty" by the German Design Council took place on April 17 in Milan. Since 2017, it has been honoring the outstanding designs of up-and-coming designers in various categories. These include Social Design & Medical and Rehabilitation, Material and Textiles, Public Design, Digitally Supported Design and Eco Design. Overall, the international jury awards the 21 best product and project ideas, as well as one project with the special award "Best of Best".

This year's winners represent a new generation of designers. Her drive: a spirit of research, interdisciplinary science and socio-political issues from sustainability to inclusion. They rely on customizable functionalities to make their products accessible to an inclusive society and are uncompromisingly committed to designs that focus on sustainability. For example, several Winner projects revolve around experimental materials, i.e. alternatives for mineral and fossil raw materials to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and a climate-neutral one circular economy to allow. Or in short: to prevent climate change.

Design innovation in the spirit of the times: These are the winners to watch

So did the newcomers Julia Huhnholz and Friedrich Gerlach, who were awarded "Best of Best" for their project "The Essence of Biocement". The seating furniture they developed consists of 100% biocement. A substance that is still unknown, although it has some advantages over traditional cement, which is responsible for a significant proportion of the negative environmental impact of the construction sector. It does not need to be fired, requires no energy and is emission-free because it is made with the help of a bacterium. In addition, the up-and-coming duo uses recycled bricks instead of sand - one of the most sought-after and increasingly scarce raw materials.

Council for Design 70

Source & Copyright by German Design Council / The Essence of Biocement

The winning project "NakedPak" by the Israeli designer Naama Nicotra also deals with alternative raw materials. To be more precise, it exchanges the usual plastic packaging for foodstuffs for one made from natural materials, primarily from algae derivatives. The special feature: The bioplastic is not only an alternative, but even edible. Other projects take that Focus on people's needs, especially the desire for flexibility and individuality. These include a size-adjustable rug ("Expandable Rug" by Emma Tietze) and a height-adjustment kit for the cult Eiermann table frame ("E2022" by Tim Schütze). According to the jury, the projects hit the mark because they pursue the goal of longevity and respond to the desire for recycling and further use.

70 years of German Design Council prove: Commitment is a mission, not a trend

70 years of German Design Council is a reason to celebrate. Because this anniversary underscores the importance of sustained, long-term engagement to create impact and achieve transformation. Inclusion, talent promotion, cooperation and cross-industry synergies are not only in keeping with the spirit of the times, they are also the key to innovating and finding solutions. As a driving force that not only recognizes this mission, but also implements it, the German Design Council is once again - or still is - positioned as a pioneer despite its established role. As future-proof and trend-setting. Anyone interested in taking part in the inspiring event can apply here Sign in.


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