MIT: Pioneering technologies will enrich 2020

Innovative future technologies revolutionize according to the renowned MIT Technology Review 2020

Future technologies, WITH groundbreaking technologies

Author: July Becker

  • Future technologies with long-term consequences for life and the environment
  • This year, the focus will be on health, data security and AI
  • Environment and climate change are still there

MIT Technology Review - Groundbreaking Technologies 2020

The MIT Technology Review (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) presented another groundbreaking this year future technologies of the current year 2020. Last year took place with the Guest author Bill Gates a paradigm shift is taking place. Surprisingly, the focus in 2019 was heavily on health and Environment. For example with the famous meat-free burger "Beyond Meat", which is now available in many places, or an energy-efficient toilet that works without sewers. In addition, of course, were robots and Artificial intelligence the big issues.

This year, too, personalized health is still in the foreground, but the issue of data security is now an essential issue. There was also a further development in terms of the environment: With a future technology that deals with the consequences and causes of climate change by predicting extreme weather events. We introduce five of the 10 breakthrough technologies.

Top 5 future technologies 2020

1. Correlation between climate change and weather events

It is no coincidence that increasingly severe weather events and crises plague the planet. Like a research initiative entitled "World Weather Attribution”Reports, future technologies can now contribute to the climate change point out to extreme weather events. You can investigate and simulate the reasons for extreme weather conditions. This is another leverage to point out companies and industries that are driving climate change. In addition, potentially life-saving recommendations can be made as to what types of weather risks mankind must prepare for.

2. Hyper-personalized medicine

Nobody should have to suffer from particularly rare diseases in the future: hyper-personalized medicine aims to remedy this. A new type of medication is tailored precisely to a person's individual genes. This could make treatment possible, especially for diseases that can be traced back to certain mutations in the DNA. This type of hyper-personalized medicine has already been successfully tested: the Mila Makovec case made waves not only in the specialist press.

3. Future technology digital money

Everyone was talking about Bitcoin when Facebook presented its own digital currency "Libra" last June. Harsh criticism followed immediately, but the spark was already over. Just a few days after Facebook's announcement, the People's Bank of China indicated that it was also working on its own digital currency. MIT Technology Review is convinced that digital money will sooner or later be part of our lives.

4. Anti-aging medication

Senolytics, drugs that slow down the natural aging process in the body and thereby prevent diseases, are already in the test phase. They effectively do not let their consumers live longer, but they aim to slow down or even reverse the aging process. The company Unity Biotechnology published the first positive results in knee osteoarthritis patients.

5. Data security and Artificial Intelligence

The 2020 United States Census collects data from over 330 million people. It is essential to protect the privacy of the individual. A method called “differential privacy” is used for this: it alienates some data to protect individuals. And without diluting the meaningfulness of the data. This future technology should solve the data protection problem. Amounts of data processed with “differential privacy” can also be of great importance for AI researchers: with Health data For example, the spread of infectious diseases can be curbed at an early stage. Artificial intelligence can also decipher certain molecular structures and use them to manufacture drugs.



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