Inspiration & ideas for home - top 5 interior design trends 2020

This year, too, there is a breath of fresh air when it comes to furnishings. Here are the top 5 interior design trends 2020

Interior design trend
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Author: Katharina Healing

Interior Design Trends 2020 is no longer just about owning a facility that looks like it came from the magazine. Instead, it is about individuality and quality, but also about the aspect of Sustainability, which is increasingly being considered by consumers. People want to feel comfortable in their rooms - this also means that they consume consciously.

They are Interior design trends 2020

  1. minimalism
  2. Cream colored
  3. Mix of antique and modern pieces
  4. Indoor plants
  5. High quality materials and fabrics

1. Minimalism Less is more

This interior trend in 2020 can be observed in many areas. Minimalism is an increasingly lived one Lifestyle, ob puristic minimalism or minimalist luxury. Under the motto less is more align Furniture as well as furnishings according to calm elegance. It makes sense to think carefully about what you really need and what would really enrich the room before buying furniture. You will often find that there are not as many things as originally planned. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the room often looks much tidier, quieter and cleaner - and that's what many people want.

2. Muted cream colors

If you look at the color palette of the Trends 2020 furniture, the desire for rest and grounding is also reflected here. Muted colors, namely cream colors, enrich the design trends. These give you a feeling of well-being, remind you of nature and bring peace to your hectic everyday life. They look particularly elegant and high-quality if you mix different cream colors as little as possible, but stick to one tone if possible. It is important here on pollutant-free and environmentally friendly colors with a minimal VOC content, for example from Little Greene.

3. Mix antiques and modern pieces

Individuality comes into play in this trend. As the Interior Trends 2020 already revealed, it doesn't matter how many pieces Trendy to combine as possible. It is important to build an individual relationship to the pieces. The pieces that make us happy and enrich our place of residence can move in. A mix of old antiques and modern pieces is particularly interesting and can give a room a lot of personality and individuality. Great pieces can be found, for example, in online auction houses . find

4. Plants in the room

Sustainable interior trend: Plants are not only real eye-catchers, they also give us a feeling of grounding and well-being. Plants in the room raise the mood and bring vitality with it. There are many different types here that have different preferences. In addition to the appearance of the plants, it makes sense to find out about their living conditions. So we not only enjoy the plant for a long time, but also show the necessary respect for nature.

5. High quality fabrics & materials

When it comes to materials, attributes such as good quality and closeness to nature are crucial. This design trend turns your own four walls into a place of calm and well-being. The textures of fabrics and other materials should not only look high-quality, but also feel that way. Textiles made from natural materials are always preferable to artificial ones.

Design trends are increasingly leaning towards green living

The Design Trends 2020 show a clear focus - class instead of mass. Quality and individuality are in focus at all levels. The amount, the colors, the design and the materials are chosen in such a way that they are often related to nature and do not pollute the environment unnecessarily. Green living stands thereby for furnishing trends that are not only of high quality for the purpose of human beings, but are also ecologically justifiable at the same time.

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