Interior design trends 2024 – warmth, contrasts and biophilia

Warm colors and cleverly placed accents for home interior design - these are the top 5 interior trends in 2024

Interior design trends 2024
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Interior design is considered particularly dynamic in terms of its interior design trends. The year 2023 was characterized by a lot of bright colors. But as is the nature of the trend, this explosion of color will calm down over time and continue as vibrant, colorful accents in living spaces.

Warm tones will take center stage, intertwined with individual, striking contrasts that will bring a touch of drama and sophistication to the spaces. As 2024 approaches, her interior design also focuses heavily on the biophilia.

These are the interior design trends for 2024

  1. Warm, nostalgic colors
  2. The balance of maximalism and minimalism
  3. The use of geometric shapes
  4. Dark furniture
  5. Green living

1. Warm, nostalgic colors

In 2024, particularly warm and nostalgic colors will be found in interiors. The focus is also on nature-related colors such as green, blue or red. While blue is reminiscent of the evening sky and thus brings a certain degree of calm into the room, a natural green provides the necessary vitality and freshness. Little attention has been paid to red in the past. But this year, minimalism is also being broken with this color, and a little more life is coming back into the rooms.

Pastel colors will also play an increasing role in 2024: the color Sweet Embrace was named color of the year by paint brand Dulux (the leading paint brand in the UK). Sweet Embrace can work on its own or be combined with other colors to give rooms a soft, calming atmosphere.

HAY sofa red

Source & Copyright: HAY

2. Balancing maximalism and minimalism

In the coming year, the minimalist approach will undergo a notable change. Because a touch of maximalism mixes into the interiors, and a slight striving for opulence and abundance becomes noticeable. This combination is often called “Dopamine Decor” in the design world. Clear lines and simplicity paired with lively patterns ensure a move away from a uniform appearance towards harmony with high-contrast designs. This means that eye-catching accents will make residents smile face conjured up.

Magis Dopamine Decor Interior Design Trends 2024

Source & Copyright: Magis

3. The use of geometry

Geometric shapes are being integrated more and more into the rooms. These artistic patterns and lines find their place primarily on floors, walls, Carpets and fabrics – on larger surfaces that characterize and design the room. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when using these forms. You shouldn't overdo the opulence of visual effects, otherwise the room can quickly appear too busy.

&Tradition Geometry

Source & Copyright: &Tradition

4. Dark furniture for more comfort

Nowadays people long for reliability and timelessness. This may be one reason why more and more dark furniture is finding a place in people's homes again. The room feels more grounded and lasting and also appears elegant. Dark furniture is particularly suitable for creating a focal point in the room.

Kovac Family dark wood

Source & Copyright: Kovac Family

5. Green living

More and more homeowners are focusing on environmentally conscious living. With Green living Nature is included in the rooms in the form of biophilic elements and sustainable materials. Plants such as cacti in particular remain a popular interior design element. With their diverse designs, they will definitely find their right place in modern rooms. With the advent of smart homes, more and more energy-efficient lighting is being installed in homes.

Green Living Little Greene Interior Design Trends 2024

Source & Copyright: Little Greene

The interior design trends 2024 focus on harmony

The 2024 interior design trends fuse minimalism with a touch of maximalism, with clean lines and simple elegance blending in harmony with them. Warm colors, natural materials and geometric shapes characterize the rooms, while the conscious integration of technology ensures smart, functional living concepts. Ultimately, the upcoming trends combine aesthetics, comfort and individual design. This means that the living spaces will continue to be inspiring retreats next year.


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