Everything you need to know about eco-friendly paint

Besides organic paint, which is purely produced on a natural basis, renowned brands are increasingly offering environmentally friendly paint. Here's what to consider, when buying them

Eco-friendly colors, Farrow & Ball
Environmentally friendly colors from Farrow & Ball

Purely natural paint is often hard to apply and simply not available in the preferred color. If this is the case, environmentally friendly paint is a great alternative. But what's behind the so-called eco-paint?

The most important facts about eco-friendly paint:

1. Low content of VOC

It is important to consider the addition of harmful chemicals in paint. Environmentally friendly paint has a low VOC value. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are released as gases from the paints during processing. They are thus responsible for the heavy smell of many conventional paints and can be harmful to the health. Because of this, there is a legal VOC lower limit. However, eco-friendly colors are well below the lower limit and close to 0% of VOCs.

2. Transparency about color components

Eco-friendly paint guarantees transparency about the composition of the products. This involves the disclosure of the product components and ingredients. Consumers can therefore make conscious purchasing decisions and build confidence in businesses.

3. Low emission during production

Environmentally friendly production reduces the environmental footprint of companies. Companies that produce eco-friendly focus on recycling, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the correct disposal of chemical substances.

4. The myth of water-based paint

Even though the name of these paints indicate, that they are produced based on water, this does not necessarily mean that they are free of chemical additives. If you buy water-based paint, you should therefore make sure to choose products that are free from harmful preservatives and solvents, such as formaldehyde, isothiazolinone or vinyl.

Eco-friendly colors by Farrow & Ball

Eco-friendly colors by Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball is a company that meets all of these criteria and offers an incomparable color palette. The colors and wallpaper of the British manufacture stand for color intensity, craftsmanship and a style-conscious interior.

The brand's 132 exclusive colors are made using exquisite natural ingredients such as china clay and flaxseed oil. The colors also have a very low VOC value, which means that you will not inhale strong and unpleasant vapors during painting. Besides, the paper used for the wallpapers is obtained from entirely sustainable forests and processed responsibly without the addition of vinyl.

Farrow & Ball

During production, 100% of dry waste and 97% percent of liquid waste are recycled. Besides, Farrow & Ball has a very own water treatment plant for the water they use.

In addition, the company has a specially certified child-safe range that has been proven to be suitable for painting children's rooms. They also clearly indicate which shades are vegan.

Farrow & Ball

The environmental efforts of the long-established company have furthermore been rewarded with various awards. In the last four years, Farrow & Ball has even been one of the award winners of the internationally recognized "Coatings Care" sustainability program.

Please visit Farrow & Ball Sustainability for more information.


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