Beautiful looks for rain and snow with sustainable rubber boots

Whether in nature or as an accessory in the city: rubber boots keep your feet dry on rainy days - but are there also sustainable models?

sustainable rubber boots
Source & Copyright: Aigle

Author: House of Eden

Especially in the cold season, rubber boots keep your feet warm and, above all, dry. We show you the most beautiful sustainable rubber boots that are both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Key facts at a glance:

  • Sustainable rubber boots use environmentally friendly materials such as natural rubber or recycled rubber materials to minimize the environmental footprint
  • But it's not just the materials that matter - it's important to look for manufacturers who value environmentally friendly production practices, low energy consumption and social responsibility
  • Our most beautiful brands for sustainable rubber boots

Sustainable rubber boots features

But how do you recognize sustainable rubber boots? To find out, you need to take a look at three areas: the materials, the manufacturing process and the longevity of the products.

The materials:

The material plays a crucial role in the area of ​​sustainability. Conventional materials or substances such as PVC have a very poor ecological footprint. To avoid these effects: sustainable materials such as natural rubber or recycled rubber materials.

The production:

Of course, it is not only important what the rubber boots were made with, but also how. Look for manufacturers who focus on environmentally friendly production, pay attention to their energy consumption and minimize waste as much as possible. Beyond the materials, social sustainability is also very important: So pay attention to brands that value respectful working conditions.

The longevity:

Only if something is used for a long time is it really sustainable. Therefore, pay attention to high-quality materials and robust workmanship so that the rubber boots can protect you from wet feet for as long as possible. A company is particularly sustainable if it offers to repair broken goods. This means that the CO2 footprint of a product is kept particularly small.

Our top 7 brands for sustainable rubber boots

These brands are perfect if you want to own both fashionable and sustainable rubber boots:

  1. Lemon jelly
  2. Ganni
  3. Kavat
  4. Viking
  5. Eagle
  6. Theseus
  7. Woden

1. Lemon Jelly

The "Recycled Lemons" from Lemon Jelly are made from recycled plastic from internal waste, and the insole is also made from 100% recycled bottles. These models therefore produce 90% less CO2 emissions than conventional boots. The shiny look also ensures that the rubber boots look particularly elegant. This keeps your feet dry and your outfit still stylish.

LemonJelly Maren 06

Source & Copyright: Lemon Jelly

Company location: Portugal

Sustainability highlights: recycled plastic from internal waste

Price: € €

Where to buy: Im Lemon Jelly online shop

2. Ganni

High rubber boots are suitable for particularly heavy rainy days with high puddles. Ganni's rubber boots are made from 50% recycled rubber. In addition, the company has committed to a 2% CO50 reduction by 2027 and has B-Corp certification. These shoes are perfect for rainy days or even more special occasions.

Ganni rubber boots

Source & Copyright: Ganni

Company location: Denmark

Sustainability highlights: recycled rubber, B Corp certified

Price: € € €

Where to buy: Im Ganni online shop  Order directly to avoid middlemen

3. Cavat

The Grytgöl boots from Kavat are ideal for providing our little ones with sustainable rubber boots. These contain recycled rubber and rubber made from renewable raw materials. The boots are also free of PVC. Kavat also offers a repair service to improve the longevity of their products. So you can let the children go out into the rain with a clear conscience.

Kavat Grytgöl WP Cookie

Source & Copyright: Kavat

Company location: Sweden

Sustainability highlights: Recycled rubber, repair service


Where to buy: Im Kavat online shop

4 Viking

If you want to keep your rubber boots more discreet, you can choose black rubber boots. The rubber boots from Viking, for example, are suitable for this and offer rubber boots with a simple design in collaboration with the Holzweiler brand. The rubber boots made of natural rubber are PVC-free, handmade and vegan and are suitable for rainy days when you still want to wear stylish boots.

Viking sustainable rubber boots

Source & Copyright: Viking Footwear

Company location: Norway

Sustainability highlights: Natural rubber, handmade, PVC-free, vegan

Price: €€€

Where to buy: Im Viking Shop Order directly to avoid middlemen

5. Aigle

These boots are handmade in France. They are also made of natural rubber and therefore have a lower CO2 burden than conventional rubber boots. Their height makes the shoes suitable for higher puddles as well as mud and mud.

Aigel sustainable rubber boots

Source & Copyright: Aigle

Company location: France

Sustainability highlights: Natural rubber, handmade

Price: € €

Where to buy: Im Aigle online shop and selected stores in Germany

6. Theseus

The rain boots from Thesus are just as elegant as they are waterproof. These were handmade in Portugal and made from recycled nylon and a recycled rubber sole. Their appearance is more similar to ankle boots, which is why these shoes are suitable not only for leisure but also for special occasions.


Thesus sustainable rubber boots

Source & Copyright: Thesus

Company location: Portugal

Sustainability highlights: Recycled nylon, handmade, recycled rubber

Price: € € €

Where to buy: Im Thesus online shop

7. Woden

Woden's rubber boots contain fish leather, which is a waste product of the Icelandic fishing industry. This means that no animal had to be harmed for this material. The fish leather is also tanned in hot springs in Iceland, resulting in an emissions-free tanning process. In addition to this special leather, recycled polyester and cork are also used. Thanks to their contemporary designs, the boots are suitable for both nature and the city.

Woden sustainable rubber boots

Source & Copyright: Woden

Company location: Denmark

Sustainability highlights: recycled rubber, processing of fish leather, cork, handmade

Price: € €

Where to buy: im Woden online shop and in selected stores

Combine rubber boots: This is how it works!

Many people associate rubber boots with a silly appearance. That's a shame, because with the right clothing they can be turned into a stylish accessory. Mid-height rubber boots, for example, are very suitable for maxi or midi skirts, which are particularly popular this year. The combination not only adds a modern touch, it also elegantly emphasizes the silhouette. With sustainable socks you can also add colorful accents to your outfit.

High rubber boots, on the other hand, look good with wool coats or trench coats. It's the perfect way to combine functionality and elegance. If you want to be a little more extravagant, you can also wear a skirt or shorts with high rubber boots. Don't let old clichés stop you and discover in your own way how rubber boots can become a new element of your wardrobe.

Sustainable rubber boots for environmentally conscious fashion

With the right rubber boots you can keep your ecological footprint particularly small and, above all, dry. They make a fashion statement against environmental pollution, animal cruelty and harmful materials. In addition, rubber boots can also serve as a fashion accessory, making the gray rainy days a little nicer.


What are sustainable rubber boots?

Sustainable rubber boots are shoes that use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to minimize their environmental impact. This may include the use of recycled materials, biodegradable components or energy-saving manufacturing processes.

Why sustainable rubber boots?

Many conventional manufacturers destroy our environment with harmful materials and use our resources irresponsibly. By choosing sustainable options, you support the responsible use of production resources and also promote environmentally friendly processes in the fashion industry.


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