Vegan motivation: Mia from heylilahey explains how the Veganuary challenge is done

Influencer Mia Marjanović is an inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and a true vegan motivation. Here are her insider tips for vegan beginners


Mia Marjanović is with her blog heylilahey a successful influencer in matters Fair Fashion, Sustainability and mindfulness. The early 2010-year-old has been sharing hers since 30 lifestyle for a conscious consumption with your social community. A six month old Shopping-Ban was an important step for the Berliner by choice.

At the beginning of this year Mia shows what is behind the "Veganuary Challenge" - practically a trial month vegan in January (Vegan + January). Because the best time for change and good resolutions is known to be January. For anyone who always wanted to try it out, she gives tips for a month to get started, with no long-term commitment and without a complete change of life.

Mia tells us what her vegan motivation is and which challenge inspires her again and again

I live vegan because it is the most sustainable form of nutrition for the climate, biodiversity and environmental protection. In addition, it just clicked for me and for me all animals are the same, so whether dog or pig, I would not want to kill and exploit any.

But if you are only vegan fast food, you do not necessarily live healthy, but if you only stick to "clean foods", you get too stressed - which is not beneficial either. A happy and colorful balance is important and then the topic of healthy or supposedly unhealthy doesn't matter to me. For example, I personally like to eat vegan junk food or soul food every now and then and then again very much like salad.

My top 3 tips to find vegan motivation

  1. Books
  2. Blog posts with recipes
  3. YouTube videos

My personal recommendations are Ohsheglows, Avantgardevegan, Eatthis or as a book "The Uncheese Cookbook".


Mia image source & copyright by Heylilahey

The main ingredient for vegan dishes

Yeast is my favorite ingredient for almost every vegan dish. Otherwise, vegan cuisine is very versatile, which is why good basic ingredients make a lot of difference, such as fresh vegetables and fresh herbs. I always draw my inspiration from the challenge of veganizing non-vegan favorite dishes of friends and family. It's a nice challenge.

For me, vegan life also includes an all-round sustainable lifestyle

My biggest challenge is to travel less. Fair fashion is also an important topic for me. My favorite fashion labels are Jan'n June, Armedangels and Jyoti - Fair Works.

I also rely on natural cosmetics: A secret beauty hack of mine is to refrain from drying alcohols and perfume and to use sunscreen every day.


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