Lighting design: The right lighting concept for your own 4 walls

The right lighting design can demonstrably increase well-being. We show what is important when planning your lighting concept

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In the beginning was the light. More than 150 years ago, a light bulb and a simple on and off switch were enough to either illuminate our surroundings or to dive into the dark. A lot has happened in the field of lighting design since then. Smart and sustainable lighting concepts are the now and the future. To provide an overview, we show what lighting can do and what needs to be considered.

Light design as a natural extension of architecture

Both daylight and electrical lighting can be seen as natural extensions of the architecture. Daylight is still the best choice, primarily because it can significantly and sustainably reduce a building's energy consumption. However, since artificial light dominates our rooms today, it is important to be particularly careful when planning, because light affects not only the atmosphere, but also our health.

This has also been researched for a long time Fraunhofer Institute and confirms the influence on human well-being: A correct light source mix supports relaxation as well as performance phases. In short: the biorhythm is influenced by light. With this knowledge, everyone can consciously do something for their health, the environment and aesthetics.

Well-being through light - This is how different light sources work

Each light has its own color, which is measured in Kelvin. To be efficient, the lamps must correspond to daylight from 5.000 Kelvin. It is different in the evening. Warm white light up to 3.300 Kelvin is sufficient, while candle light, for example, has 1500 Kelvin.

Why is that important? Our day-night rhythm responds to light, especially melatonia production. Brightness acts as a stimulant because it stops the sleep hormone melatonin and releases serotonin. This proves that light colors and light intensity influence our mind by controlling our hormone reactions:

  • Yellow soothes
  • Red ensures comfort
  • Green stimulates creativity
  • Blue light has nothing in it Bedroom lost because it keeps us awake. It ensures higher performance in office and work rooms

The right lighting concept for your own 4 walls

Light design is not only essential for life, it creates atmosphere in our living rooms and should be taken into account when planning the furnishings, right at the beginning.

  1. Plan enough sockets.
  2. Think of the external connection and dimmer.
  3. Choose the right light source: LED (light-emitting diode), incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving lamps.
  4. Choose the right lights: ceiling lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, floor and table lamp, floodlight.
  5. Create islands of light and a balance between contrasts with backlighting, accent lighting and work lighting. Zones of indirect light and selective lighting create atmospheric scenes.
  6. Adapt your furnishings to the lighting concept: Bright vs. dark colors, plants and green areas, reflective materials or unusual, ecofriendly (light) design by David Trubridge, LZF lamps and Varaluz, among others.

Trend: smart lighting

Many processes can be automated with new smart technologies. That means: Intelligent switching on and off, time switches and mood programs can be preset in smart lighting solutions. The right lighting mood can be controlled at the push of a button or a mobile app.

Light and the associated lighting design is an integral part of our life: we live and live with it, create oases of calm and activate ourselves with targeted lighting sources. Today, holistic experiences are created primarily through efficiency and Sustainability, Innovation and longevity.


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