Green elegance: Sustainable sofas for a stylish home

Sustainable sofas combine timeless design and ecological responsibility for a new living culture

Sustainable sofas from Rolf Benz
Source & Copyright by Rolf Benz

Author: House of Eden

A growing trend in the furniture industry shows that more and more people are relying on responsible production without having to compromise on aesthetics. This harmonious interplay of ecology and design defines the so-called Eco design. This is a term that describes innovative and sustainable approaches to product design. The overarching goal is to combine aesthetic design with an environmentally friendly, resource-saving and energy-efficient way of working.

This is how you recognize sustainable sofas

Sustainable sofas are defined by several key terms that highlight a conscious combination of environmental protection and design.

  • Environmentally friendly materials: Environmentally friendly materials serve as the foundation for the design of sustainable sofas. They keep the impact on the environment as low as possible and conserve resources.
  • Modularity & Repair: A sustainable piece of furniture also has a certain level of distinctiveness Modularity to ensure flexible application options and a longer service life. In addition, modularity in the composition means that defective individual parts can be replaced without completely replacing the sofa.
  • Energy efficient production: Sustainable sofas come from energy-efficient production. This means that energy consumption during production and therefore the negative environmental impact are minimal.
  • Low Co2 balance: By using local raw materials, sustainable transport and packaging, the carbon footprint for sustainable sofas can also be significantly reduced.

Suitable materials for sustainable sofas

In the area of ​​sustainable furniture, the focus is particularly on environmentally friendly materials.

  • Wood with FSC certificate comes from sustainably managed forests and is a must-have for sustainable furniture
  • natural rubber, obtained from the rubber trees, contributes as a sustainable alternative to synthetic foam
  • organic cotton and soft wool are particularly suitable for covers, but are not high Abrasion resistance on
  • bast fiber such as wool, linen and hemp are a sustainable choice when it comes to textiles and fabrics
  • Artificial cellulose fibers such as Viscose, tencel or lyocell are a little more robust than finer cotton
  • Sustainable leather or vegan leather can add beautiful design accents
  • Recycled materials such as metal and plastic reduce the need for new raw materials

Sustainable sofas: top brands and manufacturers

  1. Noah Living
  2. The Hansen Family
  3. B&B Italy
  4. Thonet
  5. Pedrali
  6. Sabai Design
  7. Rolf Benz
  8. Livom
  9. Maiden
  10. Vitra

1. Noah Living

Noah Living uses clear lines in her designs that ensure a harmonious balance of form and function. For their sofas, the company uses OEKOTEX-certified foam in both the core and the receiving layer. The modularity of the pieces of furniture makes them versatile and durable. In addition, the wooden frame of the sofas is made from FSC-certified wood. By shipping without intermediaries, Noah Living also ensures a short supply chain.

Noah Living sustainable sofas

Source & Copyright by Noah Living

2. The Hansen Family

The Hansen Family presents the star designer's sofa collection with Remix Gesa Hansen. The night couch shows classic Scandinavian design, which transforms into a comfortable double bed in no time. Modular and functional, two sofas can be combined to create an upholstered corner. The frame of the night couch is made of solid oak wood. All textiles come from the sustainable manufacturer Kvadrat.

Hansen Family sustainable sofa

Source & Copyright The Hansen Family

3. B&B Italia

The Stella McCartney x capsule collection B&B Italy is the British fashion pioneer's first collaboration in interior design. The sofas have biodegradable, non-toxic upholstery with the “Fungi Forest” print from a Stella McCartney catwalk collection. The new "Le Bambole" sofa has been designed with circular economy, allowing it to be completely disassembled - this is allowing easier repairs and a more responsible use of materials.

Source & Copyright by B&B Italia

4. Thonet

The sofas from Thonet combine elegance with skillful craftsmanship and maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Gently curved armrests and precisely crafted legs characterize the soft character of the sofa. A key factor in the area of ​​sustainability at Thonet is the recyclability of the materials. The company is also certified to ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management standards.

Thonet sustainable sofa

Source & Copyright by Thonet

5. Pedrali

Pedrali Furniture is primarily characterized by its colorful accents paired with modern designs and clear lines. The modularity ensures better recyclability and longevity. Additionally, the Italian company uses FSC-certified wood and water-based vegetable resin to coat their furniture. The company is taking a further step towards sustainability by using recycled polypropylene, a plastic that releases comparatively fewer pollutants into the environment.

Pedrali sofa beige sustainable

Source & Copyright by Pedrali

6. Sabai Design

Sabai Design is a B-Corp certified woman-founded company from New York. The wood used in the furniture and sofas is FSC-certified and therefore comes from sustainably managed forests. The wooden legs are treated with a non-toxic stain, so that both the environment and the health of the residents are protected. The cushions are made from recycled materials or foam without chemicals. The sofas also come with Greenguard Gold certification.

Sustainable sofa from Sabai Design

Source & Copyright by Sabai Design

7. Rolf Benz

The sofas from Rolf Benz combine creative originality with precision craftsmanship and are primarily characterized by their modern yet timeless designs. The upholstered furniture bears the Blue Angel and Golden Ms certificates. These seals confirm compliance with criteria in the areas of health, environmental protection and safety.

Rolf Benz sustainable sofa

Source & Copyright by Rolf Benz

8. Livom

The modular sofas from Livom are made with FSC-certified, sustainable wood. All fabrics are also OEKO-TEX® certified and therefore free of harmful substances. When it comes to sustainability, the sofa that won the Iconic Award is characterized above all by its very high modularity and therefore long service life. Whether stains or scratches, everything can be replaced individually and can also be expanded as desired. The color of the fabrics is also interchangeable. Last but not least, you can also get tailor-made furniture here.

Source & Copyright by Livom

9. Maiden Home

Maiden Home uses recycled steel and fabrics made from merino wool, linen and mohair wool that are free of industrial chemicals. Low-pollutant substances such as water-based adhesives are also used in production.

Maiden Home sustainable sofa

Source & Copyright by Maiden Home



Vitra made a name for itself among furniture manufacturers with impressive and iconic furniture. The company tracks each piece of furniture throughout the entire production process. This means their quality standards can be checked precisely. Another key concern of the company is the longevity and recyclability of the furniture. Vitra also follows the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which documents the ecological footprint. The GS seal and the Greenguard Gold certification also prove the high environmental compatibility of their furniture.

Vitra sustainable sofa

Source & Copyright by Vitra

Seal for materials used at a glance

To ensure the use of sustainable materials, you can rely on seals that confirm responsible and ecological use of raw materials.

FSC certified wood

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) confirms the use of wood from sustainably managed forests in which particular attention is paid to ecology, economy and social responsibility.

GOLS certified organic latex

The Global Organic Latex Standard guarantees the use of latex from organically managed rubber trees. This latex also contains no added chemicals, which is not only beneficial for nature but also for the residents of the house.

OEKOTEX Standard 100

Textile products with the OEKOTEX Standard 100 have been tested for freedom from harmful substances and human health. The products are also free of chemical materials.

Green Guard Gold

Inhaling VOC emissions found in some furniture can affect the health of residents. Greenguard Gold ensures furniture has minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) confirms the ecological and social compatibility of textiles. A product with a GOTS seal also consists of at least 70% organically produced natural fibers and meets the specified environmental and social criteria in the supply chain. This supports sustainable agriculture and fair working conditions.

Sustainable sofas: functional and durable

Eco-design sofas are therefore a suitable choice for consumers who are interested in environmental protection and still value attractive designs. For the furniture industry, the trend towards sustainable sofas is an opportunity to position itself as an innovative company and reach new customer groups.


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