Miami Art Basel 2023: A fusion of fashion, web3, sustainability and art

This year, fashion, web3 and sustainability were more central than ever at Art Basel. Some brands were particularly characterized by the merger of these areas

Art Basel - Parley
Source & Copyright by Parley

Author: House of Eden

On the occasion of this year's Art Basel, an international and diverse art fair, art enthusiasts gathered in Miami Beach, Florida from December 8th to 11th.
This year was the 21st time that the renowned trade fair, originally from Switzerland, took place in Miami. A special premiere was the management by the new director Bridget Finn, a gallery owner and curator from New York.
The fair included 277 gallery exhibitions. In addition to the presentation of works of art, new projects were also presented and celebrated at various parties and events. The exhibitors ranged from up-and-coming newcomers to established personalities. The trade fair also offered space for a wide range of Brands. They took the opportunity to open new stores, announce future collaborations and present innovative products.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • The connection between fashion and art was the focus of the art fair.
  • Topics from the tech sector, such as Web3 and NFTs, were also discussed at Art Basel.
  • Art Basel has launched a fundraising initiative in collaboration with Parley and, in parallel, an artist collaboration. This emphasizes the connection between creativity and environmental responsibility.

NEW: Fashion as part of Miami Art Basel

The connection between fashion and art was the focus of this year's Art Basel in Miami Beach, with the Fashion industry was more represented than ever before. This change, in which the fashion industry takes a permanent place at an art fair, is the result of various factors.

Multidisciplinary design

On the one hand, the fair has been going on for years digital creations and works of art from renowned designers from various industries, including fashion, interior and other industries. This is because art is presented in all its forms and from around the world, creating inclusive diversity. This diversity emphasizes multidisciplinary design as the central focus of the event.

Art Basel - insight

Source & Copyright by Art Basel

Cultural and social relevance

Art is also an integral part of our culture, which in turn is shaped by issues that move society. Play in modern times fashion, but also Beauty, Sustainability, diversity and artificial intelligence play a significant role in our social structure. This year's art fair brought together all of these aspects and provided a platform to explore the connections between these themes. It enabled an inspiring exchange among the creative minds of our society who gathered there.

Art Basel - Shovel

Source & Copyright by Art Basel


Another aspect is the increasing overlap between Art Basel and the fashion industry, particularly through the influence of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These have established themselves in various forms in the fashion industry in recent years. In this context, NFTs represent digitally designed versions of clothing items, accessories or Shoes and exist exclusively in digital form. Creating these products is as much an art form as painting an oil painting and sculpting a model, only in a more modern context. Therefore, creating an NFT also belongs at the art fair and attracts the brands behind the non-fungible tokens to the event.

Highlights of the art fair

In recent years, the art fair has also established itself as a meeting place for socially relevant topics such as tech, fashion and sustainability. Here are some of the standout highlights of Miami Art Basel 2023:

Parley x Art Basel: The art fair has launched the “Art for the Oceans” fundraising initiative in collaboration with Parley. This campaign calls for protecting the oceans from the effects of plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss. The funds raised will be used for efforts to clean and secure the oceans. As part of the fundraising, an artist collaboration with Parley was also created, which included, among other things, works of art made from Parley Ocean Plastic.

Bags made from Parley Ocean Plastic

Source & Copyright by Parley

LVMH: The LVMH group proudly announced that it had created 1.000 tech jobs last year. They see art-led projects as a way for their subsidiaries, for example Dior, Rimowa and Fendi, to safely experiment with new technologies. Additionally, LVMH and the Miami Design District unveiled a sustainability partnership. The agreement includes switching to green electricity, reducing water consumption, establishing a central energy monitoring system, a stormwater management plan, reducing lighting in stores after opening hours and other measures.

Rtfkt x Ledger: Rising tech giants Rtfkt and Ledger announced their latest collaboration with an exclusive reveal party. They are releasing limited-edition hardware cases inspired by Rtfkt's forward-thinking aesthetic. The cases also come with their own unique NFT collectible.

RTFKT x Ledger

Source & Copyright by RTFKT

Syky x Glitchofmind: Digital fashion house Syky proudly presented the latest collection from emerging artist Glitchofmind, a talent from Syky's incubator. The designer's first virtual fashion collection fuses art, fashion and editorial into what Glitchofmind calls "storytelling couture." The three artworks were inspired by biomaterials.

Miami Art Basel - Syky x Glitchofmind

Source & Copyright by Syky

Shiseido x Art Blocks Engine: Japanese beauty brand Shiseido has teamed up with Art Blocks Engine, a subsidiary of Web3 platform Art Blocks, for the digital art project "Future Reflections" and launched it at Art Basel. The project includes 1872 unique generative artworks minted as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The artists were guided by an algorithm based on the key ingredients of Shiseido's Future Solutions LX collection.

Artwork by Shiseido x Art Blocks Engine

Source & Copyright by Shiseido

Outlook: Fashion, Tech and Sustainability at Art Basel

Overall, Miami Art Basel 2023 not only reflected current artistic diversity, but also showed paths for future developments in the Web3 and sustainability areas. The inspiring exchange between creative minds, the connection between art and technology, and the increasing integration of fashion, NFTs and environmental protection point to an exciting future for the art industry.


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