News: PANGAIA protects marine ecosystems through “Coral Reef Collection”

 The sustainable label PANGAIA is launching a new collection to draw attention to the threat to coral reefs and actively promote their protection

PANGAIA collection coral protection
Source & Copyright by PANGAIA

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  • PANGAIA launches "Coral Reef Collection"
  • The collection celebrates the beauty of marine ecosystems while highlighting the need to protect them
  • In cooperation with SeaTrees, PANGAIA plants a mangrove tree for every piece sold

PANGAIA is a label on the pulse of time. Casual, minimalist designs that meet the demands of environmental protection respond to current customer needs. According to the 18th edition of the Bain & Company Luxury Study, consumers have developed a new mentality, 80% of them attach importance to brands acting sustainably and ethically. If the designs are also unagitated, characterized by streetwear elements, they meet the tastes of Millennials and Gen Z. These are the two generations that are currently shaping the market and will lead it in the future.

As PANGAIA is a global open-source platform that combines the know-how of scientists, technologists, artists and designers, it meets precisely these requirements and makes an important contribution to creating ecological and innovative solutions for the fashion industry. In addition to established structures such as production within the framework of the circular economy, PANGAIA always pushes sustainability through launches on specific topics or events such as World Bee Day. Thus, the latest launch of the sustainable label also shows the clear mission to protect the environment.


Latest launch: PANGAIA "Coral Reef Collection"

To celebrate the beauty and versatility of marine ecosystems, PANGAIA has launched the "Coral Reef Collection". Its design is inspired by the natural colors of coral reefs. These are among the world's most biologically diverse and important ecosystems. And this is due to their impressive performance: while they occupy only 0.1% of the ocean, they support 25% of all marine species on our planet. For example, they serve as a food source and provide habitat for millions of marine animals and organisms. This is a biodiversity that can only be found in rainforests. Hence the name "Rainforests of the Sea".

In addition to their importance for the environment, people also benefit from coral reefs. They protect coasts - and thus around 850 million people living within 100 km of the reefs - from storms and erosion. In addition, at least 275 million people depend on them for their livelihoods and food, so their protection is urgently needed.


Source & Copyright by PANGAIA

PANGAIA underlines the threat to the coral reefs and calls for action

Given the multifaceted functions of these species-rich ecosystems, their importance to both the environment and humans is immense. Yet coral reefs are threatened by many factors - from natural to man-made. These include hurricanes, disease, overfishing, careless tourism, as well as pollution, coastal development, coral mining, and the global effects of climate change.

Climate-related impacts range from increased CO2 levels in the water to rising ocean temperatures. As warm water causes corals to expel the algae living in their tissues, they turn white. And thus susceptible to disease, resistant to growth, and impaired in their reproduction. If this occurs, not only coral reefs but all dependent species - from fish to lobsters, clams, seahorses, sharks and turtles - are threatened.

Get active: Every piece sold promotes the protection of marine ecosystems

To promote the protection of marine ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental protection, PANGAIA is now making an important statement with its "Coral Reef Collection". In cooperation with SeaTrees - an initiative for the health of the ocean - the sustainable label plants one mangrove tree for every sold piece of the collection. As a tribute to the consumer as well as a measure to protect coral reefs.

Mangrove trees are considered a particularly productive strategy for protecting coral reefs. The reason for this is their stilt-like roots. They protect the coastal land from erosion and reduce damage caused by hurricanes and tsunamis. They also store about 1 ton of CO2 and provide shade. As a result, the water does not warm up and the corals do not bleach.


Source & Copyright by PANGAIA

PANAGAIA shows how sustainability works in the fashion industry

Produced in Italy, the eco-friendly it-pieces are dyed using eco-friendly dyes and manufactured using a recycled water system. This means that the dyeing process has a much lower water consumption than traditional methods and textile wastewater is treated. This allows them to be reused during the washing process. Beyond the use of toxic chemicals as well as the waste of water, the process is so sustainable and does not cause any negative environmental impact.

Moreover, the collection is made of a recycled cotton mix as well as pollutant-free, GOTS-certified organic cotton. This is particularly soft and comfortable. And this also on sensitive skin. By the way, if you choose these environmentally and health-friendly pieces, you will receive them in TIPA packaging. This is an innovative, compostable packaging that has the same functional properties as plastic.

With this holistic sustainable value creation and production, PANGAIA shows clear commitment to safe, health-friendly products that are in harmony with the environment and promote its preservation. Through launches such as the "Coral Reef Collection," the label underscores the importance of creating awareness and encouraging active engagement among broad target groups. To preserve habitats, biodiversity and the pure beauty of nature.



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