Scandinavian decoration: Plain and simple furnishings from the north

Less is more: Scandinavian decoration with lots of Nordic home accessories made from natural materials fit into any home 

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Lots of wood, open spaces and bright Colors: The Scandinavian style of living goes hand in hand with timeless simplicity. With just a few decorative elements and tips, you too can bring the Scandinavian lifestyle into your home.

What is the Scandinavian home like?

1. Natural materials of all kinds

Scandinavia's landscapes are shaped by many forests, Lakes and an incomparable expanse. These Closeness to nature is also reflected in the interior of the houses. Lightweight as well natural materials find their place here - underneath Wood and Linen, but also fresh or dried flowers.

2. Light and warmth

One key challenge is Summertime in Scandinavian countries is warm and friendly. But in winter the days are short and the darkness stretches for several months through the vast landscapes. This is precisely why cozy light sources such as a fire in the fireplace or just candles are particularly important in the Scandinavian feeling of living. But warm blankets and cozy pillows should not be missing either.

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3. Less is more

If you want to furnish your home in Scandinavian style, you should definitely not overdo it. Because bright and open living areas are very important. With too much decoration or bulky furniture, the rooms often look cluttered. Scandinavians therefore rely on filigree and small ones Pieces of furniture such as side tables or various seating furniture, which you combine with each other in the room.

4. The right color combination

Bright colors and bright colors Murals are probably not to be found in the Scandinavian house. Instead, neutral tones such as light gray or beige create a calm base and subtle pastel tones can then provide a pleasant color accent.

5. Scandinavian decorative elements

Significant designers came from Scandinavia and have had a major impact on the living style of the population. Vases by Alvar Aalto or wooden figures by Kay Bojesen - in Scandinavian homes there is always room for small decorative elements that bring you closer to nature and that do not appear redundant.

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Scandinavian decoration for every home

Scandinavian decoration is unobtrusive and yet stylish. Because small decorative elements as well as the right colors and materials create a very special feeling of living. You can create an individual and friendly home in which everyone feels comfortable.


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